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We used the wrong sealant and now it has turned yellow. I got some hard wood stain on the pvc boards. I have replaced garage door trim and seal with a PVC trim/seal product. The gap in my trim never got to be more than 1/32″ or less. Sealant/adhesives are thick, viscous and slow to cure. Assuming you are using 1x boards, the easiest way is to rip a 3/4″ strip off one of the boards, use a solvent based PVC cement (like Weld-On 705) and pin nail them together to provide enough pressure for the glue to make contact with both boards assuring a good bond. It is always best to look for a formula that does not contain harmful chemicals, even if you are applying the primer outside. I had to rip down some pvc brick mould for exterior window trim and I’m hoping I didn’t screw it up. To get it clean I had to scrape away all the visible caulk, although I assume its still watertight from the caulk that is hidden below the surface. Are you using it with vinyl siding? Good evening John. I advised him to get it moved asap. (Follow directions on … If possible, decrease the on-center spacing between fasteners to 12 in. However, unlike #58, the radius of the arch of my entryway is only 37″ (74″ across the arch). We have well water that had a lot of rust in it before it was treated however it is now very soft and clear. I used a plastic putty to fill my screw holes and then sanded flush, hoping that seals properly. John, In this case you’ll need to use a sealant with solvent as part of its chemistry. Typical settings on a CNC machine when cutting cellular PVC are as follows: Tooling Speed – 15,000 to 20,000 RPM’s, Feed Rates – 20 to 30 FPM, Vacuum hold-downs to prevent vibration of the substrate, Bits – Vortex makes a 5600 series cutter with a single edge up cut spiral bit made for plastics, Chip load – 0.016” to 0.018”, and excellent dust collection. The less time you spend around such products the better. 1) I think it’s vital to seal any joints around a window to prevent moisture infiltration but I’m not a window expert. Washing up liquid Plastic primer … I have two more questions. This article has a lot of good information that would have changed my approach to past PVC projects. I would like to take advantage of not needing to paint the windows or the trim, and use a caulk that will look good without painting. Thank you for the kind words and for your support of our product. The drawback is the level of VOC’s that are often found in oil-based primers. provide a drip kerf on bottom edge of new curved edge, & Only light-to-medium colored paints—with a light reflective … That depends on the weather conditions. This product can cover approximately 100-square feet per quart and provides a beautiful and stable foundation for any top coat which is applied to it. My goal is to help, as best I can, in educating builders like yourself as well as contractors, remodelers, architects and even homeowners on what cellular PVC is and best installation/fabrication practices. Rust-Oleum® Specialty Plastic Primer Spray prepares plastic for painting with any top coat. Will it work or look right? Bending PVC is a piece of cake, but you have to heat it up. U-Pol Plastic Primer Filler Areosol Plastic Bumper Trim Paint 400ml. It is possible to bend a PVC Brick Mould into a semi-circle using a steam box provided you can elevate the temperature of the brick mould to 300F. A range of sandpapers from 150 - 2500 grit. In your instance, I can’t imagine the run was more than two boards (36′). Also I am designing a pergola and am considering using the INTEX products and again what are the effects here in the south for these products? You can buy these on line at their website or call them to find a local dealer in your area. I recommend a stronger solvent than paint thinner. I’m very grateful for your quick reply and great advice. Thank you for your helpful information. Again, sorry for the delayed response. I’ve seen mud rooms, bathrooms and other high moisture environments use Versatex without issue. Good luck and thanks for using Versatex PVC trim. If you use a factor of safety of 2 the allowable load would be 3250 psi. We will be using a 2″ baseboard piece topped with a 3/8″ corner piece, it all seems to fit well. temperature. Can I use PVC board instead of regular pressure treated to insulate my bay out window from the patio pavers? Hi Sandy, Good luck with your project. Is this achievable? Good luck with your project. New Trim … I look forward to seeing the finished product. If you examined it under a microscope it will look like an array of cells in a random geometric pattern. The guy did one heck of a job demolishing such a nice sign. One advantage you have in the Bahamas is the temperature differential (high and low) is not that great. The more teeth the greater the frictional heat build-up in the cut causing you to melt and potentially burn the cellular PVC. How do I seal the open cells if I cut the PVC trimboard? PVC is non load bearing. Can this be cleaned? Let me know if you have any other questions. Any concerns using biscuit joinery here? Now sure why the house was designed with a portion of the window missing. They actually sheered across the width, not at a joint, due to the cold. What is recommended to seal the corners and the raw surface of the rock? Google NPC Sealant for their contact information. A friend wants me to fix a pic molding to painted drywall in her bathroom as a crown molding. What sealant would you recommend for this type of joint? Anything you paint needs a primer to protect what’s underneath and one of the most important surfaces for using a primer on is wood. . I will certainly try this approach. It bonds better to the stucco. My husband and I have a two story stucco house in southern Florida and want to have the windows picture framed with PVC trim before the house gets painted. In addition, there is no need for any air permitting in our plant or the surrounding area. So to summarize, yes you can paint cellular PVC with an oil based enamel but it has its limitations. As for installation guidelines I’ve been told PVC trimboards need to be secured with Tapcon fasteners in a exterior stucco wall application. NPC Solar Seal® #900 has an expected life of approximately 20 years. Paints like Duration by Sherwin Williams, Manor Hall paints by PPG and Moorelife by Benjamin Moore adhere well to PVC trim. Thanks. Use the gray scuff pad to scuff the chrome on the entire part. Visit the FastenMaster website to find a dealer in your area. The core is nothing more than an impervious honeycomb. Thanks again. So don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t look the way you want it to on the first try. This is good if you have a few smaller projects where the primer could be used on multiple surfaces in different places as it will save you money. It’s the foaming agent that creates the cells. Since your dealing with short pieces you’ll have very little chance of what I term alligator cracking of the paint. In the future you might want to look into manufacturers that produce a one piece four sided column wrap in a 1x (3/4″) thickness. Ideal for covering just about any surface, including wood, plaster concrete, glass, tile and metal, this primer is suitable for a wide range of different projects. To minimize the size of the cells for painting, I would sand the trim piece after it has been routed with 320 grit sand paper. An exterior primer is as important as any of the top coats which go on after it. 10. As with adhesives, look for products that contain some type of solvent. I would like not to paint the PVC when finished. In my 12 years in this industry, I have never seen an instance of any bleed through the PVC onto the face of the beaded ceiling. Plastic Primer (2-Pack) Model# 213517T $ 28 79 /case ( $14.40 /can) $ 28 79 /case ( $14.40 /can) Out of stock online. My current plan is to simply use butt joints as opposed to trying to miter 45 degree angles. Hycote XUK610 White Plastic Primer Spray Paint 400ml Aerosol Paint Preparation. I need a glue with a long working time to get the pieces back together. In your case, a 3/8″ gouge is most likely too deep to raise up using a heat gun but you may want to try it first beofre filling the void. You are the best, John! A very good article with lot’s of practical advice. Jason, For a satin finish, it might take longer. Free postage. Hi John, I would very much appreciate a recommendation on glue. Typically 24 hours before painting. We have emailed azek and kleer for advice. They will use a Velcro strap to hold the corner together while the glue dries. It will activate the residual foaming agent in the cells of the product and cause it to raise much like a cake repairing these small dimples or dings in our trim. SF450 doesn’t fully cure for several days, but it’ll stay stuck well by the following day. Nails and screws might fracture the leg of the Stealth beadboard. I’ve seen this happen before. Trowel the masonry with a sealant or adhesive to provide a level surface to accept the PVC trimboard. It needs updating “badly” and it’s in a prominent area of Northville, Mi. An occasional 6d ss finish nail will add the needed pressure at the glue line producing a strong bonded joint. Our carpenter thinks so, but I’m concerned about the expansion. That’s because the best exterior primer not only provides a stable foundation for the layers of paint which are applied after it’s been applied to the surface but also prepares the painted surface in numerous ways. (Refer to painting guidelines in the Versatex contractor handbook for more information on painting PVC trim.). In fact it will expand and contract less than what you’ve experienced in the northeast. I am building shutters in the Bahamas. The second would be Quad Sealant by OSI. 1) The fewer teeth per inch the better the cut. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I would like to paint over the trim and caulk with exterior latex. When you cut, rout, mould or mill cellular PVC, you break open a layer of these cells but you do not affect the integrity of the entire cell structure of the cellular PVC board or sheet. It fits nicely and appears secure. Slow and Fast Cure for field joints and small glue-ups, and Laminating Grade for sheet glue-ups. However, they will give or push in if someone leans into them and there is no support, shim or otherwise, on the backside/inside. They don’t need to be too secure just looking to finish up under the porch. We also used the Azek molded trim around windows and sills. In response to your questions. The window is a standard size of about 36 inch by 30 inch so thermal expansion is probably not an issue. Good luck with the repair. Substrate is 2×6 pressure treated on top and bottom. Rust-Oleum Specialty 1 qt. Plastic Primers Give your plastic and structural foam products a great foundation with our line of highly effective primers. Good luck. I believe one of them will clean the edging. No need to apologize, I enjoy hearing from builders, contractors and remodelers. We have specific cases where this system survived hurricane Sandy without the trim pulling away from the home or becoming lose from the hurricanes negative wind pressure. Good luck with your project and thank you for your support of cellular PVC trim. 2) When using construction adhesives to bond beaded ceiling to ceiling joist, is there any chance of oils bleeding through and staining the pvc? Other options which are dependent on the amount of surface area you’re trying to seal are exterior vinyl spacklings like Dap Crackshot or Dynamic Dyna Patch Pro or automotive Bondo body filler. If they are still not as smooth as you’d like, wipe the cut edges with acetone. They suggested adding screws and caulking the joints with a pvc joint caulk. Want to use for a summer kitchen. I plan on using 3/4″×51/2× 29″ for under a porch. I am planning to use PVC to replace a rotted window sill and window trim. My typical questions are maximum length of trim run, direction trim faces, temperature at which trim was installed, min and max exposure temperatures where the trim was installed, paint color, LRV if available, and fastener being used. A roll-on primer is the common type, use a roller or brush with these. Good luck. Thankfully, exterior primers are designed to be used outside of course so you shouldn’t have an issue with ventilation. Are you planning to leave it as is or paint it? 6. Sir sounds too old for me. When I get a picture of the completed project I will post that as well. Building a house and carpenter wants additional $3,300 to do screws and plugs… I am not painting trim. You can reinforce the gap between the wrap and the structural post using a dense insulation or even low to medium expansion spray foam insulation. This product will cover 30-square feet of surface space, dries to the touch within an hour and goes on with little odor. I just wanted to make you aware of my concern. I don’t believe their sealant requires painting. If you can’t find that brand use Quad by OSI or Geocel 2300 they are close but in my opinion not to the performance standards of Solar Seal 900. Also the seam was off to one side where it isnt noticed like it would be if in the centre of the mitre. earlier. For the paint to cure, the moisture must evaporate through the surface of the coating that has skimmed over from drying. Slow Cure should not be used at temperatures below 40°F. The balcony has glass panels. The reason I didn’t go with the thinner material is because it is apparently too thin to effectively use the Cortex Concealed Fastening System with the PVC trim-tapered plugs (which is being used almost everywhere else on the house) and because I was told by the carpenters that S.S. finishing nails would easily pull out as/if the sheet flexes during seasonal variations in temperature. What I like about this sealant/adhesive is it’s solvent based which gives you better bond strength than a pure sealant but with the flexibility of your better sealants. The other is temperature differential between when you install it and the max and min temperatures it will be exposed to on the wall of the home. On that joint i used the instant stuff on the whole thing. fascia, frieze, rake). A temperature of 100 degrees F is not a concern. What is recommended product and placement for expansion/wind/bitter cold brittleness?/etc.

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