cons of taking down confederate statues

Moreover, rioters and vandals are unlikely to limit their destructive activities to memorials whose removal is justified. Tearing down Confederate statues, or any monuments from our history, will not change the past. Indeed, many are the same as those made back in the 1870s, when Frederick Douglass condemned early efforts to honor Confederates on par with those who fought for the Union, and denounced what he called the "nauseating flatteries" of  Confederate  General Robert E. Lee, from which "it would seem . I never thought that these mobs were Communists because they weren’t tearing down statues of Communists. It is interesting that the photo atop this post is of the Lee statue in Charlottesville. Instead of just taking them down… The Associated Press Virtually everyone is aware that the US government was willing to make virtually any accommodation to avoid war. Gerald Herbert / AP The Russian monarchy had already been toppled by about March 1917. The Danger of Confederate Statues, and the Danger of Removing Them This entry was contributed by Kevin Amirehsani, ... decide on – the statues. That seems to be why confederate monuments have stood so long against fairly clear opposition by a majority of Americans. Can’t wait until some militia gets the idea they can rip down some communist or socialist monument in the public square. If you are having problems with commenting please let us know here by creating a ticket. Or, for example, that a white resident might understand Jim Crow led to situations such as what befell black voters in Louisiana, who precipitously dropped from more than 130,000 registered voters in 1896 to one percent of that number just eight years later. Lee told her that they should give “the final abolition of human slavery…the aid of our prayers and all justifiable means in our power,” praying for “the mild and melting influence of Christianity” over “the storm and tempest of fiery controversy” driving America to disunion. The action taken today will be used as a justification for further similar actions in the future. We fought a “war on poverty”, and poverty is having the last laugh, and the primary victims are blacks. All that the South has at present just cause to complain of, and the chief ground of just complaints, is the personal liberty bill[s] of some of the non-slaveholding states. Not seeing this sputtering you write of. Conspicuously, there aren’t any statues of Stalin or Lenin to tear down. A number of them only seceded in response to Lincoln’s acts of war against seceded states.”. I used to say the same thing, but now I think I gave him far too much credit. Regardless of the timing, the reality of the overall intention is less that the South wanted to cherish the legacy of slavery and racism, and more that they wanted to minimize it and emphasize the other more positive aspects of their heritage — at times of course even to the point of wrongly whitewashing history. Both are awfully tainted by slavery and racism. Damon Root More generally, a political system seems destined to become progressively less stable if it gives to smaller voting blocs an out-sized veto power to use against changes to the status quo. Between blacks and the substantial minority of southern whites who wanted to stay in the Union, it is likely that secessionists did not enjoy majority support in any state. Maybe that isn’t a point but he sure made you look foolish. By contrast, removal through rioting and vandalism does no such thing. Why isn’t “rioters and looters murdering innocent people” included in the list? After announcing the South’s surrender at the White House, President Lincoln ordered the band to play “Dixie.”, No, they were (ostensibly) erected to honor their contribution to the Confederacy, and the mission of the Confederacy was to preserve the institution of chattel slavery in the Confederate states. The slippery slope is getting slipperyer. Never happened. And even then they shouldn’t be destroyed, just relocated. The case for taking down Confederate monuments is strong. What principle are you advocating here? In Virginia, which houses a lion’s share of such monuments, Gov. 1.21.2021 6:00 AM. | Your link shows that Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas all came soon after Ft Sumter, and more to the point, soon after Lincoln declared war on the Confederate states by calling for 75,000 troops to march against them. In addition to Robert E. Lee’s cruel treatment of his slaves and refusal to grant freedom to his father-in-law’s slaves despite his father-in-law’s express wishes, he actively undermined the rights and freedoms of black people after the war. It seems that it’s not just Confederate monuments which are being targeted. Will Democrats Embrace the Imperial Presidency Now That Their Guy Is in Charge? Some blacks I know are praying hard for love all around. But that just end should be pursued by just means. Partisans who abandon constitutional principles because they prove inconvenient are in for a rude surprise when the other team wins. It’s almost as if “the right” and “libs” are individuals and not some Bose-Einstein condensate of political purity.

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