cello concertos in order of difficulty

Score Shostakovich Cello Concerto No. Here is the list: Jeffrey Solow is professor of cello at Temple University in Philadelphia, and a member of the Amadeus Trio. OP you might be interested in this list, I don't agree completely with it but it's a decent place to start: http://www.cello.org/Libraries/references/concertos.html, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. You can even include the more obscure ones if you'd like. 3 for cello and 10 instruments, Op. 1 in a minor, Op. Allegretto (00:06)2. This is the first of three violin concerti written by Franz … CONCERTOS AND SOLOS WITH ORCHESTRA. Repertoire corresponds to Popper’s High School of Cello Playing, Boccerini Concerto in B-flat, Saint-Saëns’ Concerto No. 2 in D major; Several others although their authenticity is disputed; Paul Hindemith. Moderato (07:15)3. 104 I think the Dvorak must be at the top of any list; however one feels about Dvorak personally, the piece is so superbly written that it stands out in any violoncello crowd, so to speak. Haydn: Cello Concerto in C Major (1761-1765) Haydn: Cello Concerto in D Major (1783) 3: 3. Buy CD online. Bartok: Rhapsody No. Many beginning musicians wonder, “Is cello hard to learn?” The process of learning the cello is not difficult, but it’s important to keep in mind that the cello is not an instrument of instant gratification. Of the concertos in standard cello repertoire, how would you rank them from most to least difficult? He divides his list into six categories, and each category has four sub-divisions, according to relative degree of technical difficulty. Dvorak, Antonin - Cello Concerto in B Minor, Op 104 - Cello and Piano - edited by Doge and Schiff - Breitkopf Edition $30.90 "The Dvorak cello concerto is one of the most beloved concertos in the cello repertoire. Quick summary: You get three beats of a tutti and you come in on 4.It’s a lush melody on the G and D strings with plenty of opportunities for schmaltzy shifts. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. The famous "Boccherini B-flat Concerto" is a composite of various Boccherini works, put together by Grützmacher in 1895, with added cadenzas. Alto: ALC1430. 4.6 out of 5 stars 9. Amran, D. The Wind and the Rain. 125 Concertante (the original op. 20th Century. It was written in 1894 for his friend, the cellist Hanuš Wihan, but was premiered by the English cellist Leo Stern. 1770) Boccherini: Various Cello Concertos, including Cello Concerto No. Cello Concerto in E-flat major, Op. 1 in C Major. SHOW PIECES & SHORTER COMPOSITIONS. 191, is the last solo concerto by Antonín Dvořák. Luigi Boccherini Cello Concerto in Bflat major, G. 482/Yo-Yo Ma (1987) Boccherini: Various Cello Concertos, including Cello Concerto No. Bach, CPE. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Teaching Cello. Sonata in G minor. Cello Concerto No. The 32nd notes of the Prokofiev are also harder to pull off than the Shostakovich (4th mvt). Personally, I like the order indicated by the Suzuki cello books, which would be Golterman 4, Haydn C, Boccherini - but they don't give the entire Golterman. Unfortunately for this piece, Rachmaninov had only premiered his mighty second Piano Concerto the month before, and that work’s huge success eclipsed the less ambitious, but undoubtedly musically related, chamber piece that followed soon afterwards. CELLO AND PIANO COLLECTIONS. A standard concertino in late-intermediate cello repertoire, this is slightly reminiscent of the Haydn C Major cello concerto and can help students get ready for that level. 1, 3- Barber , 4- Dvorak, 5- Haydn D, 6- Schumann, 7- Tchaikovsky Rococo Variations, 8- Elgar, 9- Haydn C, 10- Saint Saens & Lalo. View more details . I think it is more challenging than the Saint-saens. Bach, CPE. Cello : Difficulty : Intermediate : Accompaniment : Cello with orchestral accomp. Other articles where Cello Concerto in B-flat is discussed: Luigi Boccherini: Legacy: …his best-known work remains the Cello Concerto in B-flat, which was actually arranged from two Boccherini concerti and a sonata by the 19th-century composer and cellist Friedrich Grützmacher. 58) was not- one can tell that Prokofiev wasn't as familiar with the cello compared to his piano and violin works. He has made numerous recordings, and twice been nominated for a Grammy Award. Concerto in C minor. I recommend that you buy the magazine, and read the entire article. 125, 2- Shostakovich No. Edgar Moreau performs two cello concertos which bravely and wittily challenge convention. 1 in C major; Cello Concerto No. The cello, on the other hand, with its natural, voice-like quality, shows distressing tendencies to nestle within orchestral tuttis and disappear. The Weigl is an exhaustive catalog of cello music up to 1929, both original works and arrangements: sonatas, concertos, suites, ètudes, and short pieces. Edited by Klaus Burmeister and Philipp Bosbach. Commentary: The Glazunov concerto is a really difficult piece, let’s agree.But the opening is … 2: Beethoven: Triple Concerto: Mendelssohn: Concerto in D-minor: Mendelssohn: Double Concerto in D-minor, Violin and Piano I'm not super familiar with Schumann. Published by Edition Peters. Concerto for Cello and Orchestra No. I've been looking for fun concertos to check out, Edit: Please include reasoning for the less obvious orderings. 1: Bartok: Rhapsody No. Instrumental Solo Book. It does require focused, daily practice time and a good teacher to guide you along the way. Mstislav Rostropovich (cello), Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Malcolm Sargent It contains wistful, powerful melodies as well as tricky technical passages that show the virtuosity of the player. The Raff Cello Concerto No. For Cello and Piano. POPULAR STYLES. Boccherini’s well-known minuet is from his String Quintet in E Major, G 275. From what I hear, Prokofiev Sinfonia Concertante is the hardest. 2 Naqoyqatsi (2002/2012) Joseph Haydn. 104. As a result of this, it took the piece a long time to come to popularity, and even today the introspective affect and difficulty-to-payoff ratio leave some listeners cold. Having played most of the concertos listed I would agree that the Prokofiev Sinfonia Concertante is the hardest, mostly due to it having a higher risk level than the other concertos (like Shostakovich, Dvorak, et all). Repertoire includes F.J. Haydn’s Concerto in D, Op. Composed 1959. The concerto is somewhat unique in that it is not a vehicle for virtuosic displays, but instead leverages the cello's lyrical qualities throughout. Structure. 129, Dvorák’s Concerto in b minor, Op. The main part of the last movement is up there with dvorak, super hard. Factors taken into account include technical difficulty, staminal difficulty, interpretative difficulty, difficulty of synchronization with ensemble, and it is vaguely sorted by difficulty within their classes from top to bottom. Rostropovich plays Cello Concertos & Russian Encores. The Sinfonia Concertante also requires more endurance than most of the cello concerto repertoire- from the sheer power needed in the first movement to the cadenza in the 2nd and the push through the third, anyone who plays the complete concerto in concert is remarkable. 1770) 4: 4. Music sheets in this collection: Vivaldi - Cello Concerto in C major, RV 399 - II. Difficulty: Difficult. In his excellent article in the Nov/Dec, '99 "Strings" magazine, Jeffrey Solow gives a useful list of the standard repertoire for the cello. As Brahms commented, if hed known a 'cello concerto like that could be written, he'd have written one long ago. 6- Ligeti- Cello Concerto. The easier pieces come first in each category. Footnote 64 While a general tendency towards increased difficulty in solo cello writing is evident in music published late in the eighteenth century, only Boccherini's concertos approach the level of virtuosity in Haydn's concerto. The common answers will be Prokofiev's Sinfonia Concertante and Barber's Cello concerto - Leonard Rose, Yo-Yo Ma and Lynn Harrell have all described the latter piece that as the most difficult piece they have ever performed (and I'm sure your other thread is probably related to this). I ahve heard the Vivaldi sonatas played with orchestral accompaniment, making them concertos - which … An authentic B-flat Concerto was published in 1948. Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975) - Cello Concerto No. A6 Difficult music that requires extensive competency in technique to execute, maturity of musicianship to interpret. The orchestration of the Prokofiev isn't laid out as well as Shostakovich or say, Schumann, so when playing with orchestra a greater effort has to be made to project the sound and try to not get covered by the brass. 1 in E-flat major, Op. It is highly spirited and catchy, but also offers some lyrical melodies as well. 9 in Bb Major (ca. This Duport Cello Concerto is quite difficult, but without the octaves and double-stop thirds often found in concertos of this type. In his excellent article in the Nov/Dec, '99 "Strings" magazine, Jeffrey Solow gives a useful list of the standard repertoire for the cello. Bach, JCF. 33. Haydn's C major Cello Concerto has long been a favourite of mine, with its wonderful inspired melodies, poised and beautiful as they are and so suited to the cello's dark and brooding sonority. Thus making it harder to obtain a desirable 'chair' 2) The violin most of the time has the melody in an orchestra/symphony because of it's range, therefore allowing the cello not having to struggle to … 107 (1959)1. Offenbach’s ambitious Grand Concerto in G major culminates in military fireworks, while Friedrich Gulda’s Concerto for Cello, Wind Orchestra and Band – written 130 years later – … "- Heather Hanson, Shar Apprentice (Cello) By Joseph Haydn. Donald Homuth takes over from Weigl, but after a gap of 30 years. SONATAS. Haydn: Violin Concerto No. One of Boccherini's most challenging such works, published as Op. Having played most of the concertos listed I would agree that the Prokofiev Sinfonia Concertante is the hardest, mostly due to it having a higher risk level than the other concertos (like Shostakovich, Dvorak, et … ... For Cello and Piano Accompaniment. In terms of rankings, it would be 1- Prokofiev Op. About. In my opinion the kabalevsky needs to be higher up in the hierarchy. Play for free $ 25.99 Buy Added! About 11 cello concertos (1770, 1785, other dates unknown). Dmitri Shostakovich. Bach, JC. Cadenza – Attacca (20:55)4. 3 (1916) Kammermusik No. Cello Concerto Should Haves: Antonin Dvořák’s Cello Concerto in B minor, Op.104, perhaps the best-known and most beloved cello solo, is lush, romantic, and technically challenging.

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