is it safe to live in an unfinished basement

One might think that unfinished basements can contribute to poor indoor quality a lot more than finished basements would, but not necessarily so. Once you have evaluated the area and the needs of you and your dogs and chosen the location, you are ready to decorate your basement dog room. A dog room may be one room in the basement, a section of the basement or the entire area. Building a room in an unfinished basement is a way to add valuable living space to a house with relatively little expense. Getting a nice insulation around the wall is a must to get the basement to stay warm. In my current house, I have the safe elevated a few inches off of the ground with the metal rails that it came with. The portion of the basement wall that sits above grade permeates a lot of cold weather. Submitted by Erik Henry on Thu, 05/27/2010 - 02:09. Be Safe, Not Sorry . Avoid storing anything of great value in the basement if it's affected by water and humidity. As a person who does not live in the Netherlands, I did not understand your answer until reading the comment. A little effort can convert an ugly space to one where you’ll want to spend time. HAMPTON — The recent building boom in … My new house has an unheated basement ( typically 5-8 degrees less than living space) with exposed fiberglass insulation between the ceiling I-beams. Unfinished basement - options for exposed concrete wall in finished room. Do you need to prime floor before using cement paint? One important factor in your floor plan and lot choice is the potential for a basement, which can offer additional storage and living space, and can be finished or unfinished. But a safe or a closet is a much better decision." I sent her an email last month when i learned the basement bedroom was for my 11 y.o. Should I cover the insulation? Many people opt for a walk-out basement--which includes a door that leads directly outside--but these basements can have advantages and disadvantages. I have a home with exposed fiberglass insulation in the basement. However, it’s possible to sleep in an unfinished basement for a night or two if proper precautions are taken. An unfinished basement is a great place to do your workouts. 7. I will be moving pretty soon into a house with an unfinished walkout basement. We bought a home built in 2004 with an unfinished basement that we are using a lot. The same holds true for photos, books, and artwork, ... "If you use your basement for provisions … Get creative with paint and decor. unfinished basement value? It is an 85 y.o. How to remove tar paper from cement sub floor? Can you paint a cement floor below 50 degrees? Check for signs of dampness if you're buying a house with a basement. ... Is it safe to drill small holes in load-bearing concrete beams for expansion bolts? Anything biodegradable on the porous concrete floor may lead to mold problems. 5 Rules of Basement Storage to Keep Your Stuff Safe Don't store anything directly on the floor. This answer, like Mr. Krewe says depends on the circumstances. Such environmental circumstances lead to the foul odor we refer to as “The Basement Smell.” Unfinished basements also create conditions optimal for mold growth because they often contain more organic content (dust, dirt, debris), encouraging fungal growth, than finished basements. Strictly speaking, yes, you COULD, but would it be advisable? Answers. Should your dryer or electric panel start a fire, the flammable chemicals could easily cause the fire to spread faster. This basement laundry is left nearly entirely unfinished, but with some creativity it’s become a clean and bright corner nonetheless. It's a large basement and all the insulation that is in the ceiling is not covered with any material, paper or plastic. Store items in airtight bags or containers. It's better to find out before you buy than after, and you can't always rely on seller disclosures. But in reality it is an enormous blank canvas just waiting for your inspired ideas and artistic vision. Then there are some of us who don’t even know what to do with space. Measure out the square footage and stick it in the official listing stating the buyer should verify. However, in most cases the basement is the room tested since it is the most susceptible to radon infiltration, even if it is not used as living space. Is it ok to let a family member or friend live in your unfinished basement for a while?

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