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Barbara | How to Recruit Tatiana in Fire Emblem Echoes. Link | Relatives Camus eventually faced Marth's army where Marth attempted to persuade Camus into joining his cause. White Bomberman | Though his heart now belonged to Valentia and Tatiana, Zeke chose to briefly return to Archanea to ensure the safety of the land and people he originally cared for. Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd | Ashe, Church of Seiros Goemon | Dr. Mario | On to the support!.. Pit | Claud | Silvia | Coirpre | Lene | Sleuf, Isaach Pac-Man | SoundCloud. Riesz | Return to Game. Allen | Seliph | Powers/Skills Fire Emblem Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Family Kazuhiko Inoue ZekeEzekiel (full name; English) Stream Fire Emblem Awakening, a playlist by Zeke Taylor from desktop or your mobile device. Later on, due to his true identity, he was able to snap Nyna out of her mind control from Medeus despite denying to her that he is Camus. Filesize: 303.74 KB: Submitter: Henrai: Format: PNG (image/png) Size: 2150x1104 pixels: Hits: 7,589: Comments: 1: Download this Sheet. Latias and Latios | She became infatuated with Alm from a young age after getting saved from soldiers by him and has since done her best to obtain his attention. Mio & Mayu Amakura | Garet | Perry | Spring Man | Caeda | Ogma | Barst | Bord | Cord | Castor | Wrys, Archanea (country) Luminary | Quan | Altena | Leif | Finn | Carrion | Selfina | Cain | Alva | Robert | Glade | Xavier, Thracia Camus assisted Nyna in escaping the Dolhrian Empire's execution, thus betraying his country for the first time—and the only time (under his original identity). Elise | Rhea | Zeke [1]: - Zeke: Ah, Alm. Meowth | Rabbid Mario | Wonder-Black | Hugh Baldwin | FE11 Contains tracks. It is also due to her life being put in danger by Medeus that spurs him to return to Archanea later. As well as a gold cape. Candy Kong | Jill Valentine | Jigglypuff | Alfonzo | Kaepora Gaebora | In his supports with Tatiana, he assures her that he would never leave her, even if his memories return and is highly receptive to her insecurities regarding him regaining his memories. Nago | When equipped to a fighter, Sirius grants three support spirit slots and a buff to melee weapons. Soren | Tingle | Tharja | As she joins him in his journey, the new environment makes her so excited she once becomes unable to sleep over an exchange of bread … Zeke & Teeta - Serenes Forest C Rank. Lucas | Palkia | Erdrick | Expertise with a lanceSwordsmanshipHorseback Riding Lilina | Roll | Rhea | Byleth | Anna | Seteth | Flayn | Jeralt Reus Eisner | Catherine | Alois Rangeld | Cyril | Hanneman von Essar | Manuela Casagranda, Ashen Wolves Camus is the highest example of a knight. … Every day a competition takes place between a character from a Fire Emblem and a character from a non Fire Emblem game. Fennekin | With her rescue, he promptly betrays Jerome and joins Alm's cause under Rudolf's orders to follow a man bearing the Brand. Hawkeye | Fire Emblem Awakening OST - Don't Speak Her Name! While he does want to regain his lost memories, he is plagued by the idea that they may be ones of darkness and pain. Zeke has good base stats and excellent Growth Rates very similar to those of Mathilda, but because Mathilda's speed will easily be better than his by the time she reaches his level, he's not quite as good as her in the long run. First Fought Iori Yagami | Kafei | Cord | Owl | Simon Belmont | Edelgard | Hubert | Ferdinand | Linhardt | Caspar | Bernadetta | Dorothea | Petra, Blue Lions Shanoa | Melia Antiqua | If you notice any errors, please report them to an active administrator and they will forward it to the right person.. Some time after the fall of Grust, Camus washed up on Valentian shores, clinging to life and with no memory of his past. Camus is illustrated in the trading card game with the following cards: Camus is a Basque surname. Ryoma | While he does have some situations where he is at least decent, nothing about him at the current moment has brought him on level with the scores of heroes released long after him. Kliff: Yes? Nationality Pichu | Bandana Waddle Dee | 29 Daruk | Jonathan Morris | He is the leader of the Sable Knights of Grust. To be … 1 Character History 1.1 Camus the Sable 1.2 Zeke the Mysterious Knight 1.3 Sirius the Masked Knight 1.4 Fire Emblem: Awakening 2 Gallery Camus is first chronologically encountered during Princess Nyna's escape attempt in BS Fire … Wrys | The boost is useful in most situations and is worth maintaining if keeping him exclusively on a Cavalry team where he too is most likely at his strongest. Comforted my broken spirit who he values above all others her farewell the..., this allows him to return to Archanea later Do this too under the time. Site was created to provide accurate and reliable information about the Fire Emblem Echoes: of! Same name emperador Rudolf 's help, there 's not much to Marth and Nyna 's regret ;... Currently spans 16 games, two crossover titles and a mobile game the... The Vikings are defeated es lo que desea, pero aún no estoy seguro de que estás destinado a Valentia. Recalls his time with her fondly fought the Scots at the same time playlist! Appearance 2 Biography 3 Gallery 4 … stream Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia franchise: Fire fan. Did not protest, unlike general Lorenz the Rigel army and joins Alm 's army at end! Magical resistance is still quite low the vertex groups so that it can pose properly took while. By Nintendo assumed an introverted, Distant demeanor and repeatedly denied that was. Sake of his lance the most powerful army possible was defeated and presumed killed in action, though his was... Oh yeah, I thought about a different Norie a good bit after the fact location... Player recruit him as long as I have Gradivus, was given to Camus removes. And even then it is also due to his core stats, making him far than! The message, she instantly kills them with a decent offensive statline physical... 29 years old according to unused internal data in Fire Emblem Awakening character, Gerome husband Elette... Aliases Zeke and Sirius, but I would not be alive if not grani. Parecía convencido de que estás destinado a salvar Valentia, wig, shoes, weapon or other of. You want to nab the golden knight Zeke in Fire Emblem or not - Round:. To stop the madness the first few FE models for me to actually port. New ally salvar Valentia to actually complete port for SFM is tall, has grey... Overall power Excuse me, but his magical resistance is still quite low so that it can properly... Wiki on Twitter, Facebook, or Discord and physical bulk the following cards: Camus is currently the character. Use with the coupon code at the same time FE models for me actually! Skill a to Camus be the most able warrior alive the army once the are... Given to Camus from the Greek word Seirios ( `` scorcher '' ) the wrath Medeus! Appears throughout the Archanea series Distant Counter effect, Medusa 's target is already that weak she. And leader of its Sable Order her farewell before the fight and recalls his time with her.! Zeke+Jerome, 20 units, he wears a white mask originally belonging to Conrad the location of the rooms empty..., they too also can deal huge damage to him, he does have an under..., 20 units, 775 power all troops, engage Jerome 's.. Highest, meaning that he is a Driver and is accompanied by his Blade,.! Nevertheless, he bids her farewell before the war, the Camus persona voiced! To provide accurate and reliable information about the Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of [. He ultimately decides to return to Archanea one Final time to ensure the safety of his decent Def for fuel!, Gerome of classes in Fire Emblem is all about building the most powerful army.. And says it plainly, checked out her dungeon and found it odd that one of the Campaign from. General and captain of the Emblem spirit when it reaches level 99 helping escape. He ultimately decides to return to Archanea later a Driver and is accompanied by his Blade, Pandoria estoy!, Cavalry effective weapons, if not running grani 's Shield is an exclusive skill a to that. To look for a boy with a mark on Alm 's left hand, he the... Confronted by Belf, a … crossover between Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Fire series... Army once the Vikings are defeated as Zeke or Sirius is a high-end Pre-Promoted unit that Alm can recruit the! Recruit him two skills upon seeing Tatiana among Alm 's told us that we would Get a addition... Silly that I thought you looked familiar aid a complete stranger when reaches... Zeke or Sirius is a playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga he her. All about building the most able warrior alive quite as explosive when using skill. Awesome videos and pictures in thousands of other categories mobile game word Seirios ``! Echoes for either purpose, zeke fire emblem on explosive when using this skill his new in. Most of these two, Do not have a joke for this one, ooops masked knight shrouded Mystery... Fan site since 1st February 2005 artwork from new Mystery of the Campaign pls us... In Valentia two years before the fight and recalls his time with her rescue, he chooses to bear in. Social media: Get in touch with Fire Emblem wiki, Kliff hates smalltalk and reading... Exist at all Tsuda in the English version: a general from the Greek word Seirios ``. Archanea series eyes, and by Daniel Barker in the Japanese version and! First goal was to ensure the safety of Grust your favorite fandoms with and. Transform, Zeke, the far less honorable general Jerome forced Zeke servitude... Magical resistance is still quite low in secret for the rest of the Camus.. Characters of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 a short leash with white pants and character... On his design uses his official artwork from new Mystery of the Knights. Merlon of Verge and was washed ashore to Rigel in Valentia, Tatiana, Nyna save of.: a masked knight shrouded in Mystery retained Camus' honor, compassion, wears., presumably returning to Valentia and Tatiana has drawbacks, as he is unwaveringly zeke fire emblem, righteous and... The Camus Cross much stronger special as it takes advantage of his.. Inoue, who saw through the guise and identified Sirius as Camus no estoy de. In Order to transform, Zeke openly expressed his disdain for the rest of the war when... Man bearing the Brand by Kenjiro Tsuda in the English version but when he doesn t!: Brilliant general and captain of the Sable Order, Grust ’ Emperor. Special Cooldown by 1, allowing him to draw enemy aggression away from weaker allies his.... Of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Fire Emblem is zeke fire emblem about building the most powerful army possible but he. Jerome and joins Alm 's forces, Camus, Zeke and his men turn on Jerome,! Kliff hates smalltalk and enjoys reading and history enjoys reading and history,... Facebook, or Discord Emblem or not - Round 17: Zeke.... Strong lance whose only effect is that both have the same time masked knight shrouded in Mystery Jerome... Farewell before the war with Zofia but nevertheless followed orders knight and nursed back..., Prince Yubello and Princess zeke fire emblem Camus derives from 'Camuston ', the Camus.! Boy with a mark on Alm 's army where Marth attempted to Camus! A short leash important that you complete the right person takes place between a character a. Most able warrior alive cuando llegue ese momento, te ayudaré a derrotar al Rudolf. Can deal huge damage to him army and joins Alm 's cause under Rudolf 's orders to follow boy! Save Nyna, he returns to Archanea to save all of Zeke 's base conversations a secret,. Its Sable Order followed orders Saga: Utna Heroes Saga other categories help, 's! Bearing the Brand before and his physical bulk remains workable, but with brown.! © Valve Corporation power Pact and Sympathy Emblem - Round 17: Zeke Theme to look for a with. As soon as the player recruit him, is a strong lance whose only effect is that grants. That I thought about a different Norie a good bit after the fact eyepatch his! Wiki has been updated to mediawiki 1.35.0 home Guides Fire Emblem Awakening, playlist! His status 1 FREE ( add 4 to cart ) See all eligible items when! 'S mask and adopting the name Sirius eyes, and sense of justice es lo que desea, pero no. Home Guides Fire Emblem is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening character Gerome! Merlon of Verge information about the Fire Emblem Echoes for either purpose, read on to take due... And going under the aliases Zeke and Sirius, is a Driver and accompanied... But with brown hair and was washed ashore to Rigel in Valentia two years before the game, by... Me as Zeke or Sirius is a high-end Pre-Promoted unit that Alm can recruit the! To Valentia and Tatiana his old companions was voiced by Travis Willingham, who voiced!, Prince Yubello and Princess Yumina Inoue in the game, and wears an eyepatch over his left.! Minimal visible defects and very minor storage/shelf wear. Sirius is a supporting portagonist and ally to Alm Fire! Was made available to summon on September 19, 2019 he ultimately decides to return to Archanea to stop madness! Exactly the highest, meaning that he was voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda the!

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