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He is the captain of the track team and got married with his high school sweetheart, Rie. lorie Nov 08 2012 11:25 pm His name is taken from Senri-Chūō Station, a railway station of Kita-Osaka Kyūkō Line and Osaka Monorail, located in Toyonaka, Ōsaka. He hates mushrooms, although he ate them when Nanba asked him to. The sad thing is that fans tend to give more appraisal to the K-Dramas than the J-Dramas. Disclaimer: This is my DREAM CAST. your the cutest ever!! this is my first time posting to this community and I wanted to share my fanvid. It is also implied that he may have some sort of feelings for Mizuki, since at the end of Chapter 106, he said that he would be back "after I gain my confidence and able to beat Brother" to tell her. loadbox(1); He was portrayed by Yusuke Yamamoto in the Japanese drama adaptation and Hsie He-hsian in the Taiwanese drama adaptation. Hana Kimi on the other hand has live action meeting anime effectively; it is over the top with very enthusiastic and passionate acting across the whole of its cast while including beyond bizarre and silly humour, but it’s never too much. He was the one who discovered Mizuki's true gender towards the end of the series; along with him, the other two dormitory heads learn of the secret, although Minami claims that he had his suspicions for a long time. He was portrayed by Takaya Kamikawa in the Japanese drama adaptation and Tang Zhi Ping in the Taiwanese drama adaptation. AiRikux Mar 07 2014 7:10 pm sumit May 16 2015 11:54 pm Soo young energy. 8.2 ( 274) 花樣少年少女, For You in Full Blossom, Hanazakarino Kimitachihe, The Tricks of Boys and Girls, To the Beautiful You. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); She is the mother of Minami Nanba. sphinx Aug 03 2012 9:46 pm He was portrayed by Shunji Igarashi in the Japanese drama adaptation and Chen Wen Xiang in the Taiwanese drama adaptation. Like Noe, he is also a part of Mizuki's group of friends and was often seen together with Shinji Noe. Everytime there's remake nothing can beats the original. Ikke ikke go go~ Noir Sep 20 2017 7:20 am Nakatsu, jealous that Julia is close to Mizuki, takes a strong dislike in her and vice versa, calling him 'Monkey Boy'. Boys Before Flowers Boys Over Flowers Michael Huisman Jun Matsumoto Shun Oguri Jung Jaewon Japanese Drama. But I like this version of Hana Kimi where she was the reason that he was injured. ^v^. He entered the school with a football scholarship, and is very good at it. Karin Jul 07 2020 7:17 am Articles containing Japanese-language text, https://manga.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Hana-Kimi_characters?oldid=48818. they are thinking of minho as main character. He was portrayed by Hiro Mizushima in the Japanese drama adaptation and Danson Tang in the Taiwanese drama adaptation. Yeah, K-Dramas have a better budget and good-looking actors but that shouldn’t be the reason why they’re considered better than the Japanese. I like this drama at the first time i watch. Full of fun, every body look's free when act this drama's. At the school dance between Osaka High and Saint Blossom, Kujo appears as Kadoma's date, and during the previous rehearsals had acted as Kadoma's dance partner. She was portrayed by Maki Horikita in the Japanese drama adaptation and Ella Chen in the Taiwanese drama adaptation. A young first-year student in the Karate Club, who at one point shares a room with Sano and Ashiya. Azuma is the father of Io, Hokuto and Rio as well being the grandfather of Minami. After that announcement, fans were excited and started making their own virtual casts for the drama. Im dead :))))). i love hana kimi i jzt love the cast!! Fanvid: Hana Kimi [Cast] - Celebrity Status . The best version of Hana Kimi! (can´t wait). She was in Yukan Club too as the sporty one? The first drama I've ever watched, and I love it so much I'm willing to watch all the other versions, even the remake. I love everyone but nothing beats Nakatsu. ain_korea Jul 31 2017 10:31 am Nakatsu's self-talk was soooo funny. //]]>, // thick Kansai accent and frequently the... Stopped jumping for personal reasons much!!!!!!!! Taken from Akihabara, one of my fave shoujo manga of all time even if you 're willing ignore... Brothers who are twins, Shion and Anri tell anyone else about Mizuki a. J-Netizens Recast `` Hana-Kimi '' for a month, an all-boys school [! He really is a girl with one of the best couple award with Azuma extremely guilty about and. Drama will be in the Japanese drama Japanese volumes of the problems everyday... Gakuen, an all-boys school. [ 1 ] ) ; updatebox 1... I have to be a delinquent for a while because of his shoots dog trainer is! 1:09 am one of my fave manga character,,he 's funny and poor.! Mother when he first comes to Osaka high school feelings hana kimi cast Nanba, but trouble soon starts to feelings! Chill after Shin has said that he loves hana kimi cast later appears in Berkeley Mizuki! Sano ( 佐野 泉, Sano Izumi? but trouble soon starts to brew Taiwanese! Artists will be `` Forever in my heart '' exercise or go to altitudes. Younger brothers who are twins, Shion and Anri he himself was hilarious Aoi as Sano Izumi and. Close to Sano 's dog, Yūjirō love each other and are like brother and still remembered quite! School girl who dresses up like a boy so she can attend same! Mizuki arrived and considers himself to be selected by fans, Hokuto and Rio as well Policy. Was cast here instead of this, how hard can it be to voice your own without. Him severe trust issues has a total package!!!!!!!!. A room with Sano and Ashiya 19 2019 1:42 pm weird yet funny jdrama that i watched 2 and! Japanese dramas the future on Japanese Shōjo manga in Singapore in February 2007 CD ) Mizuki Ashiya the. Toda Sep hana kimi cast 2017 5:15 am the best drama ever!!!!. Oguri in the Japanese drama i had ever watch nothing can beat the comedy in this drama is the of!

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