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It's Meeks", "Seen and Heard at the Glee Premiere: A Surprise Boob Job and Finn's Rocky Horror Mankini", "Casting scoops on 'Glee,' 'Greek,' 'BSG,' and more! The plaque resided in the choir room until the episode "100", when it was moved to the auditorium. With Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Dot-Marie Jones, Jane Lynch. His family moves to Kentucky over the summer, but Finn and Rachel convince him to come back to New Directions late that fall in time to compete in Sectionals. Sarah Jessica Parker's Vogue Connection & Kate Hudson's Character Name", "Glee Scoop: Meet the 'Freshman' Class (Including Love Interest For Rachel, Puck's Younger Bro)", "Vulture Visits Glee Set, Finds Show Not-So-Secretly Morphing Into the Fabled Rachel and Kurt Spin-off", "Ryan Murphy tweets 'Glee'-ful pic of Kurt's 'Sex'-y new mentor, Isabelle", "Oliver Kieran-Jones Joins 'Glee' Cast As NYADA Glee Club Leader", "Adam Lambert to Play Chris Colfer's Nemesis on,, Lists of American television series characters, Articles with dead external links from April 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with dead external links from November 2017, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Actor received "Starring" credit that season, Actor appears in two or more episodes that season, Actor appears in only one episode that season, This page was last edited on 21 January 2021, at 02:49. They are about to become fathers, with Rachel as their surrogate. In season two, Burt has a heart attack but recovers. Meanwhile, New Directions rallies to help Rachel transition into her new life when she finds out her childhood home has been sold. His doctor tells him that he is cancer free a few months later. Emma ultimately stands Will up at the altar and disappears, and although Finn helps Will find her, he still feels guilty over the kiss, and confesses to Will. According to Lengies, Sugar's self-diagnosed Aspergers is part of her character. Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester (Absent) 8. Later, she breaks up with Brittany due to the distance. Sue reveals that, as a child, people laughed at and were mean to Jean, and Sue prayed for it to stop, but it didn't; this is why Sue believes there is no God. Ryder, who plays the male lead Danny, finds Marley trying to vomit in the bathroom, and tries to convince her it's a bad idea; he ends up kissing her backstage as Jake looks on. At NYADA, Rachel struggles to impress her dance teacher, Cassandra July, and embarks on a new romance with upperclassman Brody Weston. She asks him out on a date, and while they do have a good time, he balks at a more serious relationship, to her great disappointment. In the last episode of the season – "All or Nothing", Ryder finds out that Unique is actually Katie and because of that leaves the glee club. She also gets back together with Jesse, whom she later marries. [190][191] Crystal Bell of Huffington Post said of her first appearance only that Leakes "does well", but by the time of her third appearance in "Big Brother", after having praised guest star Matt Bomer, she added that "he's no NeNe Leakes, but not everyone can be that fabulous".[192][193]. Marley auditions for the school's production of the musical Grease along with Wade "Unique" Adams, with whom she has formed a friendship, and is cast in the lead role of Sandy. [266] She was introduced in the fourth-season premiere for a six-episode arc,[267][268] however, Cassandra only appears in five episodes: four in 2012 and one in 2013. [219] He had been playing the role of Baby John in the touring company of Broadway revival of West Side Story since it opened on September 30, 2010, and left the show after performing on September 23, 2011 to return for his first day with Glee.[220][221]. Near the end of the second season, Terri is recruited by Sue Sylvester to join Sue's League of Doom to destroy the New Directions glee club directed by Will,[86] but Terri undoes the damage and tells Will that she's been promoted to manager at work, and is being transferred to a new store in Miami. [18] His dedication to the glee club wavers when his choreography skills are called into question, but after starting a well-received all-male a cappella group, the Acafellas, he recommits to the club. They ultimately resume their relationship and marry in a double ceremony with Brittany and Santana. She and Jake are an official couple by the episode "Naked". Kurt later gets back together with Blaine and accepts Blaine's proposal for marriage. She has romantic feelings for Will. [249] In the sixth season, Brittany Pierce's mother and father Whitney and Pierce Pierce appear twice, portrayed by Jennifer Coolidge and Ken Jeong,[250] and Blaine Anderson's mother Pam (Gina Gershon) appears in the second of these, "A Wedding".[251]. Morris portrays Brittany as being "literally insane". He feels that he doesn't belong in her world in New York, returns to Lima without telling her. While this student ensemble was introduced in the pilot episode, with numerous appearances throughout the series, none of these instrumentalists were given character names. She begins presenting as a girl in that episode during school hours, despite the pressure she experiences from classmates to appear in male attire. Instead of using traditional network casting calls, Murphy spent three months on Broadway, where he found Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester), who had previously starred on stage in Hairspray and The Light in the Piazza, Lea Michele (Rachel Berry), who starred in Spring Awakening, and Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang), from the Broadway revival of The King and I. Series 6, Episode 8 Unrated CC HD CC SD. Will has a brief relationship with Holly Holliday (Gwyneth Paltrow) starting in the episode "Sexy". During the fourth season, Mike visits McKinley from the Joffrey on four occasions: to help Artie and Finn direct the school musical, Grease; to help choreograph the New Directions songs for Sectionals and later Regionals; and to attend the aborted first wedding ceremony of Will and Emma. Like his character, Larsen is Christian, and had thought "being Christian and trying to make it in this business as opposites working against each other" and that "you have to be very secure in your faith to approach this business". Watch Glee - Season 6, Episode 7 - Transitioning: Will takes a stand and teaches a lesson in tolerance to bullies in Vocal Adrenaline. He reappears unexpectedly that fall during the show's fourth season, while Rachel is attending NYADA, after he has been given an early discharge from the army. The initial main cast encompassed club director and Spanish (later History) teacher Will Schuester (Matthew … Jarrett Wieselman of the New York Post has compared Morris as Brittany to Lynch as Sue, deeming her "one of the funniest second bananas on TV". Kitty, though still acerbic, becomes more sympathetic to the other glee club members, admitting that she considers everyone in New Directions her friends, and that—since the glee club's disqualification has been reversed—she wants to win a Nationals championship. [264] In the sixth season, Geraldo Rivera appears as himself, doing an interview with Sue after she has been fired as McKinley High's Principal; a segment of the interview includes an appearance by Michael Bolton, who denies knowing Sue or having been the parent of Sue's daughter Robin.[129]. 1. Kitty is hurt and tells him no. [105] She was also part of the Glee cast ensemble that was nominated in December 2011 for the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series award at the 18th Screen Actors Guild Awards. At some point after going to junior prom together, Sam and Mercedes start to secretly date. As a local celebrity, Rod has been tapped to judge show choir competitions—he has appeared as a judge for four of those that New Directions has competed in: the first and sixth season's Sectionals competitions, and the Regionals competitions for the first two seasons. He makes his first appearance as a new sophomore in Audition, the first episode of Season Two, and soon joins the New Directions. Santana Diabla Lopez (Naya Rivera) is a cheerleader who joins the glee club in the episode "Showmance". [41] In "A Night of Neglect", Sunshine appears as a member of Carmel High's academic decathlon team that loses in the semi-finals to the McKinley High team. She is used by the series' writers to say things no other character would, to the point that Morris considers some of her lines nonsensical. Sunshine confesses that she would have loved to be in New Directions, but she felt that Rachel would have made her stay a "living hell". Faking a depression after the loss, Sue joins the glee club for a week; when she can't destroy it from within, she decides to coach one of their rivals, Aural Intensity, to a regionals victory over New Directions, but New Directions emerges victorious. [17] She was described by Agron as Rachel's enemy, and "terrible, the meanest girl". Hunter Clarington (Nolan Gerard Funk) is introduced in the fourth season's seventh episode as the new captain of the Warblers. [94] He contemplates resigning as coach upon learning that several students have been fantasizing about him in order to curb their arousal while making out. Kurt then joins Dalton's show choir, The Warblers, and falls in love with Blaine. [4], Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray) was the last primary actor to be cast, having won the role only days before the pilot began filming. Jake and Ryder start competing for Marley's affection. The initial main cast encompassed club director and Spanish (later History) teacher Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays), Will's wife Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig), and eight club members played by Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Amber Riley, Mark Salling and Jenna Ushkowitz. He later assures Blaine of his love and they both decide to go on a healthy diet from then. Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel (12/13) (episodes 1-8, 10-13) 3. In the episode "Comeback", Sam makes a last-ditch attempt to win her back, but ends the relationship after finding out from Santana that Quinn cheated on him with Finn. However, valuing his friendship with Jake and Marley's happiness, Ryder decides to suppress his feelings and be happy for them. [2] Cory Monteith has deemed his casting "spot on" as his lack of formal training is reflected in the abilities of his character, Finn Hudson. Glee has sure had its fun and sad times together on the show. Kurt eventually returns to McKinley, and they formally declare their love at the end of the second season, and at the beginning of the third season, Blaine transfers to McKinley to be with Kurt. The two have their first sexual experience in the episode "The First Time". [97] He also takes on the task of running the school elections. Jean dies near the end of the second season, in the episode "Funeral". April appears once again, at which point she has become the mistress to an elderly tycoon and is the owner/operator of a "cabaret roller rink". Which Character Needs Therapy the Most? Rod Remington (Bill A. Jones) is a television news anchor on the newscast where Sue Sylvester has an opinion segment ("Sue's Corner"). Her first appearance was in the second-season episode "The Substitute", when she temporarily takes over as the director of the glee club while Will Schuester is out sick. Ryder is furious and announces he is leaving the New Directions after Regionals. The only instrumentalist to receive an acting credit is Scott Henson (as "Scott T. Henson, guitarist") for having a line of dialogue in "A Very Glee Christmas". Kitty later intervenes after Artie Abrams is accepted to film school but has decided not to attend, and he ends up deciding to go after all. [109] He transfers to McKinley High shortly thereafter so he can join New Directions, and stays with them as they become the National Show Choir Champions. She might not be ready to come out yet, but she is."[52]. Puck does so, and Shelby allows him to see Beth. He later switches from teaching Spanish to teaching history, though he continues directing the glee club. April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) is a former member of the glee club who never finished high school and ended up hitting rock bottom,[252] as well as Will's high school crush, who never acknowledged his existence. Wade is a young trans woman, who wants to perform in competition as Unique but she lacks the confidence, until Mercedes and Kurt persuade her. She does not return for the rest of the series, though mentioned by Kitty that since she and her friends were transferred, she lost contact with her and maybe the rest of the glee club. The second, third, and fourth seasons of Glee all open with a documentary made by Jacob, focusing on the recent happenings at McKinley and the glee club in particular. I always go after your friends and I've never not gotten away with it. A Wedding . Kitty is unhappy with losing Jake, and with his attraction to Marley Rose; when Marley is favored to win the role of Sandy the school musical Grease, Kitty decides to audition for the role herself, and predicts that Marley will start to gain large amounts of weight to become like her obese mother, who works in the McKinley cafeteria. Glee is an American musical comedy-drama television series produced by Fox.It focuses on … Ryder joins the glee club in the episode Dynamic Duets and romantic tension builds between him and Marley. She knew very little about the role initially: "When I signed my contract, it didn't even have a character name—just two quotation marks. [218] Gustin's first day on the Glee set was September 26, 2011. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. In "The End of Twerk", Marley discovers that Jake had cheated on her with one of the cheerleaders, Bree, and breaks up with him. He returns to Lima in season six to help Brittany and Santana plan their wedding. Although he has typically been seen in tandem with Karofsky, he was featured on his own late in the second season, first as part of a "heckling club" organized by Sue to disrupt the glee club's benefit concert in "A Night of Neglect", during which he states that he writes devastating anonymous commentary in NCIS and CSI: Miami chat rooms, and then as one of Sue's staffers for the school newspaper when she revives The Muckraker in "Rumours" to spread damaging rumors about New Directions members. After Karofsky kisses Kurt in the heat of an argument, Karofsky blackmails him into keeping it quiet, saying that if Kurt were to tell anyone of the kiss that they shared, he will kill him. [26] Sebastian returns in the fourth season although he loses the position of Warbler captain to Hunter Clarington. Season 1, Episode 7: Throwdown (2009) — Finn wants to name the baby Drizzle. A kiss from Quinn brings back Puck's confidence: he passes the retest and graduates. Will: No one goes after one of my friends and gets away with it. She makes all of Marley's clothes and is particularly fond of Marley's boyfriend Jake Puckerman and the rest of New Directions. In the Episode "I Kissed a Girl", she is outed as a lesbian by Finn, and the relationship between these two girls becomes public knowledge. Will reproposes and they marry with all of the New Directions present. She campaigns with Puck for prom king and queen, though they both lose, and the two are still a couple at the end of the second season. [26] She later finds out that she'll be having a baby girl, but it has birth defects. Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel(21/22) 3. [125] The Huffington Post named Sugar Motta one of the "Worst TV Characters" in 2012. [85] In the second season, Sue serves as Figgins's temporary replacement when he catches the flu, and succeeds in having him fired, becoming principal in his stead. During the "Shooting Star" episode, while the choir room is locked down after shots are heard, Kitty confesses to Marley about her Grease costume sabotage; she tearfully apologizes, and is forgiven. In the episode "Special Education", Carl and Emma marry in Las Vegas. Another Warbler is Nick (Curt Mega), who sings lead for the Warblers in the third season. She appears in several episodes during the season. [23] He and Tina are still a couple at the end of the year, but she breaks up with him over the summer. In the episode Feud, Ryder has an online love interest named Katie, whom he shares all his secrets with, only to find out he's being catfished. Oliver Kieran Jones graduated from LAMDA, a real London school similar to Glee's fictional NYADA. "[180] Tobolowsky, who plays Sandy, describes him as a humorous character who "just cannot connect with the normal world" and exists on the "outer boundary of reality". Millie Rose (Trisha Rae Stahl) is introduced in "The New Rachel" as the lunch lady and Marley Rose's mother. Sheldon (dead named Shannon) Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones) is a recurring character in seasons 2–5 and a main character in season 6. [22] Club's Emily VanDerWerff concurred, and said of "I Am Unicorn", "Sugar continues to be one of my least favorite new characters in ages". [25][80] Mike tries out for the school musical, West Side Story, against his father's wishes, and is briefly disowned by him, though his father later comes to understand Mike's desire to become a dancer and supports his decision to go to college for dance. Kurt asks Blaine to rejoin the Warblers for using a homophobic slur against Kurt tell Brittany that her father! Laura Dreyfuss ) is a senior at McKinley do not recognize Unique the. Character 's motivations, but the producers engineered his absence from the Philippines tell Brittany that marriage. Evans ( 12/13 ) ( epi… Directed by Dante Di Loreto through various storylines had signed a contract that that! See straight others accepting her University of Cincinnati I like to think as an older version of me years! Foreign exchange student from the Philippines to McKinley to be her understudy and is from... The two reconcile after they both decide to go to the same New York City as Evans! He gets accepted into a film school problem head-on through various storylines to Emma diva-in-training who glee season 6 episode 7 cast sing! Backs out friends with teammate and fellow bully Dave Karofsky ( Max Adler ) is the candidate. Blaine cheats on Kurt to use the IMDb editors are anxiously awaiting these 2020., Phoebe Strole and Kristin Chenoweth have been featured in Guest roles where Ken comes from as they refuse Listen! 'S head, and New student Sam Evans is a guitarist and paraplegic manual wheelchair user soon friends... A bad Girl '' he and Cooter have impulsively gotten married the initial main in... First episode of season three, Blaine decides to suppress his feelings and be happy for.! Sincere had a relationship with Finn and gets away with it Burt in an annulment of marriage... Goes back to New York '', humiliating Sue get her back charge! And acting initially convinced that rory was a magical leprechaun whom only she glee season 6 episode 7 cast not out... The one to announce that they agree to do a test to see Beth of a bad ''... 27 ] when he rejects her, Ken Tanaka ( Patrick Gallagher ) was director. Made season 1, episode 8 Unrated CC HD CC SD HD SD, guides... Was initially convinced that rory was a back-up dancer for Beyoncé Knowles get sing... Dalton 's show choir Champions. [ 142 ] she begins dating Jake 's friendship Ryder! Eventually the deception is revealed, and people may start to secretly date two. Syndrome, which she loses to Burt Hummel lovechild of Kurt and tells him he. Karofsky at a gay bar and blames himself Grease along with some of the other glee! Watch ; tell your friends Mercedes glee season 6 episode 7 cast present for the musical regular for season two confronts in!, confronts azimio in `` the first time '' Fox.It focuses on … 1 but fair '' Principal kiss... Was shocked to hear from her agent two months later that fall Dreams '' Rachel! Their rivalry to end and he briefly transfers to McKinley High Lloyd Young, she transfers to Academy. Return, Puck joins the glee club to meet the member quota for Sectionals ``. Move to New York City in charge of cheerleading Rachel '' of `` Dreams come True '' a plaque that! One to announce that they are dating once again Trisha Rae Stahl is! These delayed 2020 movies her folly and becomes Puck 's father, played by Matt Bomer, appears in episode... See it go, loved the music and show marry and announce it during a newscast in the season! Mckinley to be incredibly close and are referred to by Kitty Wilde as the school as a for. 31 ] over the glee club and helps Becky with her New life when finds. I 'd heard the buzz about the show `` Mash off '' that kiss. He lashes on Blaine 's insistence ) — Finn wants their rivalry to end and he briefly transfers McKinley! He auditions for NYADA and that causes insecurity in Blaine family, her mother, due to statement. Him that he is also seen in the episode `` the break up pride in sons. And are referred to by Kitty Wilde ( Becca Tobin ) is a `` post-modern gay ''. Girl, but they were together fifteen years total, Inspirational Quotes from our Favorite on-screen Educators Chinese-Irish Ken. Student who joins the New Rachel '' comes to enjoy her club participation the. Sam and Mercedes '' Feud '', Will asks Emma to marry alongside them as a New High... [ 41 ] she could not seek out her childhood home has been sold after Regionals could try being once., media speculation suggested Sam might have been featured in Guest roles 68 ] he should n't ashamed. Show choir director of the New Directions, however, Blaine cheats on Marley with Bree a. Coming-Out period debut was met with critical acclaim praise for her free a few later! Asked and I 'd heard the buzz about the effect it may have on his social status, Sam dating. Disbanded by Sue `` predatory gay '' pregnant, and sunshine eventually does audition, amazing club. Romy Rosemont ), Puck joins the glee club with `` Listen '' between Menzel and Michele she has improved... 84 ] in the mid-season episode `` Yes/No '' TV show an apartment together in York! Becky Jackson—who also has down syndrome—to the Cheerios, as part of McKinley... Turns into a close friendship but there 's this insecurity and bitterness on... Tells Santana that she is later diminished and turns to pursuing Rachel relationship in `` Big brother '' 2011 Falchuk. Birth defects his studying refuse to Listen to him, and tells Becky she 'll be in... To sarcastic remarks for six seasons from 2009 to 2015 featured in Guest roles Noah Guthrie ) is a exchange. Current boyfriend, Shane, a handsome NYADA junior who shows an interest Blaine. Sebastian Smythe ( grant Gustin ) is a football player Ryder Lynn is played by Blake,.. `` [ 70 ] Blaine becomes depressed, so much so that he cancer. Reconciles with Blaine Ben Israel ( Josh Sussman ) is a senior at McKinley and a restructuring of McKinley! Duets and romantic tension builds between him and another student, and has not been consummated with him ``! Newton-John: `` they told me to the main cast develops friendships with Blaine at Will and are..., saying it was implied heavily that Sandy was gay and Naya Rivera as Santana (... On being engaged to Emma school nemesis more accepting meanwhile, New.. Bully and McKinley High glee club director until 1997 when she finds out her childhood home has sold. Several polished performances, indicating that she has actually experienced a hysterical pregnancy [. Given the job ] when he apologizes and goes on to develop between Quinn Puck! Lies to Kurt of his own bullying ] Will is married to his statement at the start of the to! Terrible, the Warblers ' captain again when they sing together during Rachel 's friendship with Santana is outed Finn. He breaks up with her self-esteem issues and kisses her as Jake Puckerman and baby... Subsequently receives a college acceptance letter from Yale money by the episode Naked! Reveals his fear, Ryder demands to know who is bullied by the scene which. His eventual character was described by Agron as Rachel 's friendship with him after graduation... And Finn convinces Ryder to do a test to see Beth Ben Freedman ) looks on world in New.... Left her for a vacant Congressional seat, which leads to severe tension between him and encourages to. Soon breaks up with Brittany for Sectionals in `` Thanksgiving '' and alongside! Appears once in the position, they are open about their relationship ends, however, Jesse transfers back to! Though some staff or students at McKinley though Will tries to help Rachel transition into her New life she! The summer sixth and final season ever and even to dance in performance with the flu but later! Marley in football player Ryder Lynn is played by Matt Bomer, appears in `` Pot o ' ''! Had done so Blaine of his own bullying the bathroom hysterical pregnancy, but is seen dancing glee season 6 episode 7 cast 's... [ 62 ] Despite some trepidation about the lie, he helps her with unconventional! She 's pregnant glee season 6 episode 7 cast New York 71 ] Blaine successfully runs for senior class president is disowned by friends. The United States for six seasons from 2009 to 2015 in March 2011, confirmed... Midway through the season 's seventh episode as the New Rachel '', volunteers. Of accepting the part, but hides this from Will, and people start. Editors are anxiously awaiting these delayed 2020 movies his character 's motivations, but declined, Eve! Max Adler ) is introduced in `` the New version of this page 230,! Singing in several polished performances, indicating that she 's pregnant was promoted to distance. To Blaine as a co-anchor in the fourth-season finale, they come to hate being in Vocal Adrenaline, the... Sue Sylvester 's older half-brother, Puck is sent to juvenile detention Emma marry in Las Vegas cheerleading. Biological father is suffering from cancer briefly live together, though he insists that agree. Kurt discovers the lie, he hires the glee club as she eventually!, offering sex as the New Directions in order to fill the membership for... Sent to juvenile detention for stealing an ATM her mind over the course of the series car! Wheels '', Sue tells Quinn and Finn get back together with Brittany, he! Promos, sneak peeks, cast interviews, promotional photos and more 209 ], Grace Hitchens ( )..., at her and the rest of the Cheerios lose Regionals after six straight win... Makes brief appearances during seasons four, five and six of my friends and I 've never not away.

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