choosing to be offended

Many, like myself, It is a response focused not on the other person, but only on ourselves. When we believe or say that we have been offended, we usually mean we feel insulted, mistreated or disrespected. It is a sign of emotional weakness and insecurity to choose to be offended. Being offended is really a selfish way to treat people. Thomas B. Marsh allowed himself to be acted upon, and the eventual results were apostasy and misery. And most of the time, those conflicts won’t even be about anything important. Older and Wiser November 7, 2015 at 9:00 AM. Australians are being gagged. And, when something is offensive, it’s always fun to find someone else who is offended by the same thing and commiserate about it. It often seems to me like its engrained in the “culture” of todays society where some people seem to be overly sensitive. Grow up. The only person in this world that you can change is you. At least I’m not as ignorant as they are. Being offended in everything would include those things you listed. Maybe getting offended isn’t all that different from the adrenaline rush a scary movie produces. In many instances, choosing to be offended is a symptom of a much deeper and more serious spiritual malady. Finding something offensive can also be a nice boost to the ego. But as Elder Bednar said, “Please remember that you and I are agents endowed with moral agency, and we can choose not to be offended.” When we are hurt, we can choose to be constructive about how we respond to people by clearly communicating how other people impacted us. Being offended by everything will just make you get into conflicts with people all the time. 3 min read. You simply choose not to allow an untruth to enter. Reply Delete. It is about what we want them to be. In other words, people with thin skin certainly would be offended by racial slurs and the like. No one can make you feel offended. The only way to remove offense from your life is to choose to respond differently. But they would also be offended by the guy who pulls onto the freeway going 3 miles an hour slower than they think the merging driver should be going. Choosing how you respond and wallow is up to you. Learning to release the energy that is attached to the thought is an easy decision. Being offended is essentially admitting your unability to regulate your own emotions. Choosing not to be offended, it is not always easy, but you are so right. Replies. Saying the “wrong” (that is, unpopular) thing has got some people into trouble and silenced many others. Let it … Being offended only hurts you, no one else is effected by your decision to take offense. Yes I think a lot of people DO choose it these days. Choosing to Be Offended Our right to express opinions, question the motives of others, or simply express disapproval, has copped a hammering in recent times. It is about our desire to change them. But not everything is those things. Thinking it through and realizing if the frustration is worth your time. And most of the time, those conflicts won’t even be about anything important. Reply. It is often the little things that we let get under our skin and we need to be quick to forgive! Basically you oppose someone else's view because it upsets you or hurts your feelings.

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