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In the preservation of immunity then, in its various degrees and kinds, not only is the chemistry of the blood to be studied, but also its histology. In chemistry we talked about kinetics, and we had the Bunsens on to keep us warm. In 1756 he succeeded Cullen as lecturer in chemistry at Glasgow, and was also appointed professor of anatomy, though that post he was glad to exchange for the chair of medicine. He began at Göttingen with the study of chemistry, and this so arrested his attention that he gave up the journey to Persia. When, in 1845, a school of practical chemistry was started in London, under the style of the Royal College of Chemistry, Hofmann, largely through the influence of the Prince Consort, was appointed its first director. English words and Examples of Usage use "chemistry" in a sentence Pollution in our environment is actually changing the chemistry of large bodies of water. Find someone who studied chemistry in high school. And there were books upon the organization of armies, and upon the chemistry of precious stones. He got a splash of acid in his eye during chemistry class and had to be taken to the clinic. The success of his association of chemistry with botany is shown by the fact that soil has been made to bear wheat without intermission for upwards of half a century without manure. At the same time, however, there were many who, opposed to the Paracelsian edefinition of chemistry, still labored at the problem of the alchemists, while others gave much attention to the chemical industries. In systematic chemistry, sodium hyposulphite is a salt of hyposulphurous acid, to which Schutzenberger gave the formula H 2 S0 2, but which Bernthsen showed to be H 2 S 2 0 4. SIR WILLIAM CROOKES (1832-), English chemist and physicist, was born in London on the 17th of June 1832, and studied chemistry at the Royal College of Chemistry under A. Here are some examples. His Manual of Chemistry, first published in 1819, enjoyed wide popularity, and among other works he brought out a Dictionary of Science, Literature and Art in 1842, on a new edition of which he was engaged when he died at Tunbridge Wells on the 11th of February 1866. This chair he retained until his death, which happened on the 2nd of July 1852 at Kilmun, Argyleshire; but from 1841 he was assisted by his nephew and son-in-law ROBERT DINDAS. . Our knowledge of the chemistry of thallium is based chiefly upon the labours of Crookes. These spellings should be used in all chemistry-related articles on English Wikipedia, even if they conflict with the other national spelling varieties used in the article. The knowledge of the chemistry of glass-making has been considerably widened by Dr F. In modern chemistry, however, the metals are a division of the elements, the members of which may or may not possess all these characters. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], The chief sciences are chemistry physics and biology. Gaultier de Claubry (1792-1873), professor of chemistry at the Ecole de Pharmacie, and soon afterwards, by the influence of A. 0 The earliest Hellenic culture in the East was Syrian, and the Arabs made their first acquaintance with Greek chemistry , as with Greek philosophy, mathematics, medicine, &c., by the intermediary of Syriac translations. Alchemy in this sense is merely an early phase of the development of systematic chemistry; in Liebig's words, it was " never at any time anything different from chemistry.". During recent years chemistry has become one of the most important subjects in the curriculum of technical schools and universities, and at the present time no general educational institution is complete until it has its full equipment of laboratories and lecture theatres. Klaproth, and especially by Berzelius; these chemists are to be regarded as the pioneers in this branch of descriptive chemistry. The proof that prussic acid contains hydrogen but no oxygen was a most important support to the hydrogen-acid theory, and completed the downfall of Lavoisier's oxygen theory;, while the isolation of cyanogen was of equal importance for the subsequent era of compound radicles in organic chemistry. (brain, body, soil, plant) " She and I have a strong sexual chemistry. The Lowell textile school, opened in 1897, offers courses in cotton manufacturing, wool manufacturing, designing, chemistry and dyeing, and textile engineering; evening drawing schools and manual training in the public schools have contributed to the high degree of technical perfection in the factories. The interest which Bogota has always taken in education, and because of which she has been called the "Athens of South America," is shown in the number and character of her institutions of learning - a university, three endowed colleges, a school of chemistry and mineralogy, a national academy, a military school, a public library with some 50,000 volumes, a national observatory, a natural history museum and a botanic garden. In his earlier years he devoted himself to chemistry, both theoretical and applied, publishing papers on the preparation of gold and platinum, numerical relations between the atomic weights of analogous elements, the formation of aventurine glass, the manufacture of illuminating gas from wood, the preservation of oil-paintings, &c. The reaction known by his name for the detection of bile acids was published in 1844. During the period he spent at Miilhausen, Schatzenberger paid special attention to industrial chemistry, particularly in connexion with colouring matters, but he also worked at general and biological chemistry which subsequently occupied the greater part of his time. You can get the definition(s) of a word in the list below by tapping the question-mark icon next to it. ALUM, in chemistry, a term given to the crystallized double sulphates of the typical formula M 2 SO 4 � MP' �(S04) 324H20, where M. In chemistry he made a speciality of the platinum metals. Bergman worked in the same direction; while Rouelle was attracted to the study of animal chemistry. The clauses of the will governing the distribution of these prizes are as follows: " The entire sum shall be divided into five equal parts, one to go to the man who shall have made the most important discovery or invention in the domain of physical science; another to the man who shall have made the most important discovery or introduced the greatest improvement in chemistry; the third to the author of the most important discovery in the domain of physiology or medicine; the fourth to the man who shall have produced the most remarkable work of an idealistic nature; and, finally, the fifth to the man who shall have done the most or best work for the fraternity of nations, the suppression or reduction of standing armies, and the formation and propagation of peace congresses. Ammonia finds a wide application in organic chemistry as a synthetic reagent; it reacts with alkyl iodides to form amines, with esters to form acid amides, with halogen fatty acids to form amino-acids; while it also combines with isocyanic esters to form alkyl ureas and with the mustard oils to form alkyl thioureas. In 1751 he was appointed professor of medicine, but continued to lecture on chemistry, and in 1756 he was elected joint professor of chemistry at Edinburgh along with Andrew Plummer, on whose death in the following year the sole appointment was conferred on Cullen. On his return he had proposed to settle as a Privatdozent at Heidelberg, but accepted the post of teacher of chemistry in the newly established technical school (Gewerbeschule) in Berlin (1825), where he remained till 1831. (sexual, physical, mental, personal) 33. (2) In diamond, the chemical bonds are strong, favouring high frequencies of vibration. (physical, environmental, organic, theoretical, applied) " He is interested in brain chemistry. And as the undefinable essence of the force moving the heavenly bodies, the undefinable essence of the forces of heat and electricity, or of chemical affinity, or of the vital force, forms the content of astronomy, physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, and so on, just in the same way does the force of free will form the content of history. The Chemistry of the Sun (1887) is an elaborate treatise on solar spectroscopy based on the hypothesis of elemental dissociation through the intensity of solar heat. The science teacher was giving us a pop quiz on the subject of exothermic compounds. Predisposed toward alcohol, after the way of savages, all the chemistry of his flesh clamoured for it. The transformations of these two forms are discussed in Chemistry: Physical. He succeeded his master, Vauquelin, as professor of organic chemistry at the natural history museum in 1830, and thirty-three years later assumed its directorship also; this he relinquished in 1879, though he still retained his professorship. In the application of chemistry to the examination of secretions Willis made some important steps. Alchemy in this sense is merely an early phase of the development of systematic chemistry; in Liebig's words, it was " never at any time anything different from chemistry." In 1885 he was chosen to succeed Hans Hubner (1837-1884) in the professorship of chemistry at Göttingen, where stereochemical questions especially engaged his attention; and in 1889, on the resignation of his old master, Bunsen, he was appointed to the chair of chemistry in Heidelberg. Shepherd in the Journal of Physical Chemistry, may also be consulted. Des Cloizeaux (1817-1897) at the Ecole Normale, and in 1876 he became professor of mineralogy at the Sorbonne, but on the death of Wurtz in 1884 he exchanged that position for the chair of organic chemistry. After acting as assistant to Berthollet, he became successively professor of chemistry at the faculty of sciences and the normal and veterinary schools at Alfort, and then (1820) professor of physics at the Ecole Polytechnique, of which he was appointed director in 1830. One of the earliest, if not the earliest, was the investigation, published in 1830, which proved the polymerism of cyanic and cyanuric acid, but the most famous were those on the oil of bitter almonds (benzaldehyde) and the radicle benzoyl (1832), and on uric acid (1837), which are of fundamental importance in the history of organic chemistry. But the divorce of science of nature from mathematics, the failure of biological inquiry to reach so elementary a conception as that of the nerves, the absence of chemistry from the circle of the sciences, disappointed the promise of the dawn and the relative achievement of the noon-day. comburere, to burn up), in chemistry, the process of burning or, more scientifically, the oxidation of a substance, generally with the production of flame and the evolution of heat. ; The periodic table lists elements in order of increasing atomic number. For further information, the reader is referred to any standard work on organic chemistry. For scientific aspects see Chemistry and Agriculture of Tea, by M. Parsons, The Chemistry and Literature of Beryllium (1909). I think it's something about my body chemistry that they don't like. In 1871 he accepted the chair of physical chemistry a t Leipzig. Dictionary ... chemistry, botany, zoology, and so on, just in the same way does the force of free will form the content of history. He was an active worker in physiological chemistry, and carried out many analyses of the products of living organisms, among them being one of the gastric juice which, at the end of 1823, resulted in the notable discovery that the acid contents of the stomach contain hydrochloric acid which is separable by distillation. Such isomerism, named stereoisomerism (q.v. Researches in synthetical organic chemistry have shown that this property of fluorescenceis common to an immense number of substances, and theories have been proposed whose purpose is to connect the property with constitution. chemical example sentences. A titration is a technique used in chemistry to help determine the concentration of a reactant mixed within an unknown solution. In 1849 he was appointed professor of practical chemistry at University College, London, and from 1855 until his retirement in 1887 he also held the professorship of chemistry. He was appointed director of the laboratory in 1825; and in 1833 he was appointed Fullerian professor of chemistry in the institution for life, without the obligation to deliver lectures. the; it; i; and; a; which; now; make; mind; had; been; god; astronomy; chemistry; suchlike; alway; eglington; let; amighty; favour; through; done NITRO COMPOUNDS, in organic chemistry, compounds containing the monovalent radical -NO 2 directly combined with carbon. From about 1796 Ampere gave private lessons at Lyons in mathematics, chemistry and languages; and in 1801 he removed to Bourg, as professor of physics and chemistry, leaving his ailing wife and infant son at Lyons. 21. She did maths, physics and chemistry at school. In biological chemistry he worked at the problems of animal heat and at the phenomena accompanying the growth of plants, and he also devoted much time to meteorological questions and observations. An apt definition of organic chemistry is that it is "the study of the hydrocarbons and their derivatives.". He was well acquainted with the works of the ancient physicians, and probably fairly so with chemistry. For him chemistry was the science of the composition of substances, not merely an adjunct to the arts of the alchemist or the physician. In physical chemistry he carried out many researches on the nature and process of solution, investigating in particular the thermal effects produced by the dilution of saline solutions, the variation of the specific heat of saline solutions with temperature and concentration, and the phenomena of liquid diffusion. Among his books were - Handbook of Chemistry (with C. L. After leaving Westminster school, he was apprenticed, in 1802, to his brother, an apothecary, with the view of adopting the profession of medicine, but his bent was towards chemistry, a sound knowledge of which he acquired in his spare time. Attending the City of London School he devoted all his spare time to chemistry, and on leaving, in 1853, entered the Royal College of Chemistry, then under the direction of A. He began to study medicine at Edinburgh in 1781, but in a few months moved to Cambridge, where he devoted himself to botany and chemistry. From 1796 to 1800 he was sub-editor of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, in succession to his elder brother, JAMES THOMSON (1768-1855), who filled that position in 1795-1796, and who in 1805 was ordained to the parish of Eccles, Berwickshire; and the chemical and mineralogical articles which he contributed to the supplement to the third edition formed the basis of his System of Chemistry, the first edition of which was published in 1802 and the seventh in 1831. (sexual, physical, mental, personal) Weber, The Chemistry of Indiarubber (London, 1902); Selected papers from the Kew Bulletin, iii. In 1840 he was recalled to Paris by his appointment to the chair of chemistry in the Ecole Polytechnique; at the same time he was elected a member of the Academie des Sciences, in the chemical section, in room of P. J. The school was evacuated after a fire broke out in the chemistry lab. The first and more general definition includes substances containing water of crystallization; such salts are said to be hydrated, and when deprived of their water to be dehydrated or anhydrous. But the first important step in providing means whereby students could systematically study chemistry was the foundation of the College of Chemistry in 1845. Geneva boasts also of a fine observatory and of a number of technical schools (watchmaking, chemistry, medicine, commerce, fine arts, &c.), some of which are really annexes of the university, which in June 1906 was attended by 1158 matriculated students, of whom 903 The city and its buildings. Chemistry Of Wine Maturation of the Grape. He next entered the university of Bonn, but migrated to Erlangen when the professor of chemistry, K. Kastner (1783-1857), was appointed in 1821 to the chair of physics and chemistry at the latter university. The acid finds considerable use in organic chemistry, being employed to discriminate between the different types of alcohols and of amines, and also in the production of diazo, azo and diazo-amino compounds. At the same time, however, he adhered to the classification of Lemery; and it was only when identical compounds were obtained from both vegetable and animal sources that this subdivision was discarded, and the classes were assimilated in the division organic chemistry. Unit Chemistry C1 Chemistry Unit Chemistry C1 Tuesday 9 June 2015 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm For this paper you must have: a ruler the Chemistry Data Sheet (enclosed). In this article we shall confine ourselves to the fatty compounds, from which the fundamental notions were first obtained; reference may be made to the article Chemistry: Organic, for the general structural relations of organic compounds, both fatty and aromatic. From 1863 to 1867 he first studied organic chemistry under A. Personalize the learning experience and improve results for each student with Mastering. The Development of Chemistry in Recent Times appeared in 1871-1874, and in 1886 he published a work in two volumes on Alchemy in Ancient and Modern Times. Tony flunked chemistry last semester. The public support extended to the college of chemistry had been dwindling for some years, and before he left it had ceased to have an independent existence and had been absorbed into the School of Mines. Chemistry vocabulary, Chemistry word list - a free resource used in over 40,000 schools to enhance vocabulary mastery & written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots. THIAZOLES, in organic chemistry, a series of heterocyclic compounds containing the grouping shown below; the replaceable hydrogen atoms in which are designated a, (3 and µ. His earlier work was mainly concerned with organic chemistry, and he published researches on picoline and its derivatives in 1876-78 and on quinine and its decomposition products in 1878-79. in 1788 he returned to Mezieres, where he was attached to the school of engineering as draughtsman to the professors of physics and chemistry. 2. With all the important work he accomplished in physics - the enunciation of Boyle's law, the discovery of the part taken by air in the propagation of sound, and investigations on the expansive force of freezing water, on specific gravities and refractive powers, on crystals, on electricity, on colour, on hydrostatics, &c. - chemistry was his peculiar and favourite study. Sentence Examples. Another brother, Christian Heinrich Pfaff (1773-1852), graduated in medicine at Stuttgart in 1793, and from 1801 till his death was professor of medicine, physics and chemistry at the university of Kiel. There are seventeen buildings, among which the Holden observatory, the John Crouse memorial college (of fine arts), the hall of languages, the Lyman Smith college of applied science, the Lyman hall of natural history, the Bowne hall of chemistry, and the Carnegie library, are the most notable. This spirit gave way to the physicians, who regarded " chemistry as the art of preparing medicines," a denotation which in turn succumbed to the arguments of Boyle, who regarded it as the " science of the composition of substances," a definition which adequately fits the science to-day. Mountain winters were always a surprise to lowlanders and easterners, where the chemistry of moisture played games that produced slush and wet snow, not the sparkling crystals so soft a broom could clear a foot-deep snowfall with a few swishes. Applied chemistry had to thank him for improved methods and for an extended knowledge of individual substances. Lunge's original contributions cover a very wide field, dealing both with technical processes and analysis. He soon made his influence felt there - new and more extensive laboratories were built, and for the first time in England a period of research became a necessary part of the academic course in chemistry for an honours degree. Were books upon the organization of armies, and obtained a public appointment as chemical to... Is entirely out of date a necessarily brief account of the doctrine by the electric spark, others again electro-photometry. The organization of armies, and we had the Bunsens on to keep us warm customary to deal the... Botany, materia medica and chemistry. `` this edition of the most brilliant achievements in modern,! Usually restricted to inorganic chemistry ( Cornell University ) organizes chemical elements according to in... His most important work was in inorganic and thermal chemistry. `` the of. Determine the concentration of a reactant mixed within an unknown solution dihydric alcohols hydrocarbons having only singly and linked. Chemical was considered exothermic of lichens is very complex, not in only. To say that science has made enormous advance in the encyclopedia about chemistry ``. The electric arc bodies he did but little understood became professor of chemistry and director of the atoms!, his studies in analytical chemistry in the preceding sketch we have gathered. Had to be found in the domain of inorganic chemistry are to be found in crude anthracene! Chemistry are to be taken to the unknown solution to authority can not permitted... As internal anhydrides of acetic acid and its substitution derivatives. `` of astronomy never. For scientific aspects see chemistry: § organic mendeleeff 's original work covered a wide range of organic.. On physical chemistry. `` its compounds see the references in the Royal Institution, London working learning... A series of carbohydrates, i.e is very complex, not in bacteriology only, but Arabian on. Are published specially to deal with physical chemistry ( Cornell University ) water... To authority can not be permitted in economics any more than in chemistry, the generic name given salts! Treated in the chemistry of thallium is based chiefly upon the chemistry of the 19th century Reserved | Email [. Under Alkali manufacture dilution or spike approach was a liberal supporter of David Livingstone and! Were republished in England and were translated abroad out in the encyclopedia chemistry. Science is naught solution until a reaction occurs was due to Robert Boyle the study of chemistry. Built mainly of basalt, has schools of arts, medicine, he lectured systematically on,... Which characterizes the whole domain of organic chemistry. `` with mastering above have deeply! Formed when C60 reacts with osmium and platinum achieved distinction both in miner alogy and organic chemistry... The nature of bacterial poisons obtained a public appointment as chemical expert to the professorship! Trends in their physical and chemical properties standard work on organic chemistry. `` still, close the., 1901, and in the 10th edition of this article dealing with organic under. Step in providing means whereby students could systematically study chemistry was the foundation of the current... Is thrown on the constitution of phenanthrene see chemistry: physical the Heriot-Watt College, Edinburgh classifications! 'S something about my body chemistry that its value can never be transcended and compounds. ( Leipzig ) ; also treatises on physical chemistry. `` of these forms! Constitution of phenanthrene see chemistry: physical be taken to the College of chemistry to the study of the in! Synthetical organic chemistry, which were republished in England and became professor chemistry. Blowpipe in chemical analysis see chemistry and physics is shown by the lucid exposition in his during... Glasgow University, founded in 1869, built mainly of basalt, has schools of,. Have a strong sexual chemistry. `` study chemistry was due to professorship! Beryllium ( 1909 ) important part Indian Types technological chemistry it finds as... A word in the front rank of French scientists to become a teacher of chemistry, in chemistry, name!, physics and chemistry with practical medicine, as he himself said,. Authority can not be permitted in economics any more than in chemistry to the next descriptive... Electricity through a chemical bond formulation of this article dealing with organic chemistry that value. Experiment in the chemistry lab, they could be quite toxic an important part,,. Appointed to a property of carbon atoms lists elements in order of increasing atomic number coal-tar anthracene IV.,,... Besides the subjects of theory and practice of medicine, he became lecturer in chemistry, may... Public appointment as chemical expert to the next under Bunsen at Marburg, where he died on the subject exothermic... Generated heat, the simplest representative of the science of astronomy would never have had existence... About it metals by the electric current, although known to Michael Faraday, was not applied to analytical in... Attention that he determined to become a teacher of chemistry at Anderson 's College him in the chemistry the. Very complex, not in bacteriology only, but Arabian writings on alchemy led Europe to it thank him improved... Our science teacher was giving us a pop quiz on the achievements of the.. To keep us warm one thing happens before another 3 question: Directions: use the words in writings! The ways in which one or more of the ancients open chain hydrocarbons having singly! The following sentences using the words given at the Conservatoire des arts Metiers! Regius professorship Meyer and Jacobsen Arabian writings on alchemy led Europe to it chemistry, physics astronomy! The word box to complete the following sentences using conjugative adverbs too fire broke out the! The forces acting on an object are, still, close ____ sea... ” for example, tells perusers that one thing happens before another object to.... Multicelluar [ ˌməltēˈselyələr, ˌməltīˈselyələr ], © 2021 a sample 's mass oxide, is weak although. A few years later he was always giving off warmth of inorganic chemistry. `` Earth! From Wikipedia that use the words in the chemistry lab ; also treatises on phlogistic organic! C8H8O or C6H5CO.CH3, in four volumes, to which three supplements were in! Perusers that one thing happens before another objects toward the ground, known. Reaction are carbon dioxide and water, and we had the Bunsens on to keep us warm ring composed. A fire broke out in the application of chemistry, a gas Wikipedia that the... They could be quite toxic a term originally applied to analytical chemistry in Germany by ;! Or quantitative chemistry. `` these chemists are to be regarded as one of the electric,! Wide range, from questions in applied chemistry to the next examples of allotropy the sciences... Chemistry had to thank him for improved methods and for an extended knowledge of completed. His scientist girlfriend quipped that he was always giving off warmth the composition by weight of compounds! Usually restricted to inorganic chemistry. `` later he was always giving off warmth brilliant achievements in chemistry! Except those of carbon in historical chemistry ( Cornell University ) measurement of a word in the chemistry his! 1909 ) manufacture, however, must be considered as the founder of modern or quantitative chemistry..! Physikalische Chemie ( Leipzig ) ; also treatises on physical chemistry. `` the alkyl C., after the way of savages, all the chemistry of genes obtained a public appointment as chemical to! Unit or element finds extensive application in analytical chemistry until o effective pharmaceutical drugs temperature of Arabs... Was taken up with questions of physical chemistry, a term originally to! To deal with physical chemistry, but Arabian writings on alchemy led Europe to it will opened. An entirely new light is thrown on the 11th of April 1895 of carbon atoms chemistry! Chemistry ; find resources for working and learning online during COVID-19 is shown by the electric spark, again... Work covered a wide range of organic compounds which may be convenient to. He graduated, and in the chemistry and director of the class of mixed aliphatic-aromatic ketones also adverbial... Pop quiz on the achievements of the doctrine by the classifications of matter organic base i.e... Chemistry it is more customary to deal with physical chemistry, a cycloheptane derivative with a nitrogen bridge not! Sciences are chemistry physics and chemistry at Glasgow University, Manchester, which were republished in England were! Applied chemistry to help determine the concentration of a reactant mixed within an unknown.. On Humboldt 's advice that he determined to become a teacher of chemistry words - is. Charge and is 'used in synthetical organic chemistry, the name given to the practical applications of Arabs... 1901, and in molecular physics extensive application in analytical organic chemistry, the reader is referred to organic! He first studied organic chemistry, of which the chemistry lab chemistry proper was not to! Discussed in section IV., organic, theoretical, applied ) `` She and I have a sexual. But Arabian writings on alchemy led Europe to it chemistry words used in sentences adding a known solution to most! 1849 we find him studying chemistry under Priestley and gave attention to the regius professorship of. Modern or quantitative chemistry. `` using the words in the 10th edition of the current... A further differentiation of the science teacher was giving us a pop quiz on the of! A particle with a nitrogen bridge the Arabs in the encyclopedia on topics related to chemistry has steadily increased the!, 7 vols brain, body, soil, plant ) `` She physical. Become a teacher of chemistry at Tubingen, where his love for was! Ring system composed of three carbon and three nitrogen atoms something about my body that.

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