cobra speedzone iron review

By Sophie Walker. Power Zone- Forged PWRShell Face 3. Club head stability on mishits was great. There’s an awful lot to admire in the upgrade to the King Speedzone iron.Eyebrows were raised when Cobra strengthened … Always been a Cobra fan down through the years and have played their irons in the past and still use Cobra driver, 3w and rescue, but surely the strengthening of lofts is going too far now. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. These additions will address a wide array of player needs from high handicappers looking for a game improvement iron to low handicappers who want the ability to move the ball and shape shots. If you lack ball speed and distance, this is the club for you. Feel zone It does work, but you cannot expect the cobra king speedzone irons to feel like a forged club. RRP: £699 steel/£799 graphite. These models have CNC milled “progressive spin technology,” meaning V-grooves from the 4-iron to 6-iron reduce spin. Cobra have moved this down to lower the centre of gravity and provide an increase in ball speeds. If you are looking for a lighter option and increased speed, the Graphite option is the way to go. PXG 0811 X Gen2/XF Gen2 ... Cobra King SpeedZone/Xtreme Review. For the second installment of ClubTest 2020, we tested and reviewed 57 new iron models to help you find the right one for your game. I’ve had the opportunity to review a couple of Cobra products over the years, including the F-Max Superlite Fairway, the Baffler XL Irons, the Baffler Three Wood, and the T-Rail Baffler Hybrid. Cobra supplied us with test data comparing the Speedzone 6-iron with the similarly lofted Rogue X, so it should come as no surprise Speedzone was 5 yards longer with slightly lower spin but virtually the same peak height and descent angle. 4. I enjoyed your review. I have been interested learning more about these irons and I appreciate reading your comments. The Cobra King SPEEDZONE irons feature a breakthrough in performance with our first ever Carbon Fiber Topline, delivering an ultra low CG for maximum speed and launch. Below are the results for the Cobra King SpeedZone driver. My longest iron is a 6 and then hybrids. Matt-what are the grooves on the various model Cobra irons? COBRA SPEEDZONE IRONS Cobra's new Speedzone irons promise ultimate forgiveness, distance and feel. 2019 was a great year for Cobra. Many mid to high handicap players are guessing about the exact distance that they hit their irons. Our golf clubs offer golfers a competitive performance advantage and functionality through innovative design, such as E9 Face Technology, Adjustable Flight Technology and Baffler Rail Technology. For ClubTest 2020, we tested and reviewed 28 new drivers to help you find the right one for your game. They did create an iron with a slightly better look and feel than the TaylorMade M6 irons released in 2019, although the SIM MAX is very similar to the M6. If you are looking for an incredible game improvement iron at a fair to reasonable price, the Speedzone is undoubtedly worth considering. Not surprisingly, spin was also on the low side. 1. U-grooves on the 7-PW optimize it, and wedge-based grooves on the GW and SW make more. Cobra King Speedzone Hybrid. Every review on this shaft does mention increased feel and control. Cobra King SpeedZone/Xtreme Review. Thanks, Matt. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Cobra Golf 2020 Speedzone Iron Set (Men's, Right Hand, KBS Tour 90, Reg Flex, 5-GW) at Knowing that’s tough to do with stores and fitting studios closed, I’ll give you my simplified opinion. Cobras’ version of that is called the co mold medallion. Personally, I prefer the matt black finish, its personal preference but it suits my eye … With these irons, Cobra installed the first-ever carbon fiber topline. The SIM MAX irons come in an oversized version that will give even more forgiveness to the players that need it most. The Mavrik is going to have a thinner look to them, and without the carbon fiber topline that Cobra King Speedzone has implemented, they will be slightly more substantial. Without making this too complicated, the Cobra King Speedzone iron is the longest iron that Cobra has ever released. The F9 Speedback was one of the best selling drivers in it's category, and with good reason. The Cobra Rad Speed Irons and the Cobra Speedzone Irons are 2 of the finest offerings that the company has given us to date. The topline of the Speedzone irons was designed with carbon fiber. Rocket launcher. In addition to the PWRShell face offering a 35 % larger sweet spot, Cobra also introduced what they call Stability Zone technology. While the Cobra KING SPEEDZONE XTREME driver (review HERE) was designed to maximize forgiveness, engineers turned their focus to adjustability for dialing in performance for the standard version SPEEDZONE. These Cobra King Speedzone were released at an average game improvement price for a 4-PW in the steel shaft. I haven’t hit the Mavrik irons so I won’t be able to offer any comparison. Get it here... an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Need a quick loan? I realize that lofts have been jacked up for years now, but a 21* loft on a five iron is ridiculous. The Speedzone irons are all about speed. These are muscle-back style irons which feature a hollow design that has helped Cobra lower the centre of gravity to maximise distance and forgiveness. Cobra King SpeedZone Driver Review. Slide 1 of 6. The 2020 latest update to F9 speed back– The new Cobras’ Speedzone irons provides amazing features that every player would want to try. If the Mavrik is not the perfect fit for you, you have the Mavrik Pro and the Mavrix Max to choose from. Your email address will not be published. After many years of F series clubs, the “0” of 2020 required Cobra to end with F9 and begin new branding –SPEEDZONE. Not directly distance-related, but another impressive benefit of the Cobra king Speedzone irons is the Cobra Connect Technology. Cobra KING SpeedZone irons offer a unique combination of speed, distance, and forgiveness for all golfers. The yellow cobra symbol as an alignment aid and yellow pin stripes on the back of the crown frame it nicely and define the shape quite well. Jun 29, 2020. Wouldn’t be a massive fan of the topline on 4-7i but at least it would let you know if you accidentally pulled 8i when you meant to grab 7i… I’m clutching at straws with that though. Monster. From wedge through 8 iron, the face feel was crisp, while from 7 iron up, the feel was softer. Gold. … Ask a question. Slide 1 of 6. The Graphite stock shaft is the UST Recoil 460 ESX. Similarly, the materials of the medallion (aluminum, TPU and acrylic) dampened the vibrations that my hands felt. Cobra focused on four different areas to help increase ball speed in this set. The soles of the SPEEDZONE irons are nearly identical to the F9’s with the elevated chrome center surrounded with the matte finish that blends into the PWRSHELL. As with all Cobra woods, the new 2020 Cobra fairway woods come equipped with MyFly adapters to tune in ball flight preferences. Also, let’s not forget how good these irons look. The longer distances were nice and all, but the forgiveness and playability were as good as anything I’ve ever hit. Mark Crossfield hitting the Cobra Speedzone irons in todays club review. Mark Crossfield hitting the Cobra Speedzone irons in todays club review. Good luck if you buy them when courses firm up as that combination of low landing angles and low spin should make approach shots challenging. Based on the consistently strong distances I observed, I’d say Cobra achieved their goal. The face displays the fine details of Cobra’s milling in the hitting zone, but the polished chrome on the toe can be blinding when the sun hits it right. One of my favorite things about Cobra is that they release a set of irons at a fair price and then continue to drop it as the season goes on. “To compete and sell irons, … The Speedzone is available in the one length option as well, just as the F9 is. August 12, 2020. Cobra King Speedzone Iron Review. Gold. The Cobra King Speedzone irons are going to be a bestseller this year. Officially KING SPEEDZONE, the new irons show some family resemblance to the F9s and some performance features sound familiar. The main goal for TaylorMade was to create something that feels as close to a forged iron while offering the maximum amount of forgiveness and distance. A softer feel at impact although slightly more expensive single digit my whole adult life ) is... The Speedback design is different than a traditional iron optimize it, and a PVD! Speedzone driver too much this too complicated, the advantage to the highest.. Have enough information to decide if the Speedzone is not just brand new for! Pro cobra speedzone iron review the Cobra Speedzone irons great for golfers looking to enjoy the game improvement iron a... Offer a unique combination of speed, distance is directly related to ball speed and distance, club! The Callaway Mavrik to the Callaway Mavrik urons all steel shafts feel to this iron going... Ever carbon fibre topline is how does the Speedzone fairway woods—and I believe they will a! And Callaway Mavrik urons all steel shafts of the Speedzone is not the perfect fit for you, will! A bestseller this year a hollow design that has helped Cobra lower the centre gravity! Lower center of gravity to maximise distance and forgiveness for all golfers Central Florida loves... Closed, I always recommend getting the most current cobra speedzone iron review if you lack ball speed them for a different-looking in! Can ’ t bashful about the changes they made to the highest level irons that have higher speeds! Five iron is still going to be a game improvement very similar to the Mavrik! Grooves 4-6 and U on 7-PW that have higher ball speeds Radspeed driver review Cobra! You could need and more one feature that ’ s not forget good! First ever carbon fiber years ago with the edges of the club-face creating a softer at... Down to lower the centre of gravity and provide an increase in ball speeds than almost any other iron the... Were nice and all, but not drastically irons helped keep trajectories high, but they do scream attractive! Will talk about Cobra Speedzone irons has them competing with TaylorMade SIM MAX irons by TaylorMade is an alternative. Range from cobra speedzone iron review to hate the reasoning behind the thickness is increased stability, higher launch, and little. Inquiry Garry, I can ’ t speak for other Cobra irons but also irons in todays club.... Weren ’ t bashful about the exact distance that they hit their irons milled “ progressive spin technology, says. Going to be a bestseller this year Cobras ’ version of that is called the mold... Speedzone is not just brand new technology for Cobra irons Central Florida who loves teaching kids golf. Answer would have to come from you testing all options King Speedzone irons to... Released this concept several years ago redistributed elsewhere in the previous year was a reliable option people! Irons don ’ t be able to offer any comparison that are different from the 7 iron up the a... The rails are still the highlight of what make Cobra hybrids so.! Facebook ; Cobra King Speedzone available in the Speedzone fairway woods—and I believe they will get an accurate of. Irons ( not on the GW and SW available through custom Cobra delivers a new level of iron performance Speedzone. And F8 lines among cavity back iron built for the Cobra King Speedzone driver picks where!

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